Ok, I am finally gonna start my friends part of my profile so ya, But first my AiB is "Reducto". lol

The Greatest None- MY HOMIE/NEIGHBOR! He is the one that introduced me to neoseeker, even though he used to own me, I own him sometimes, he is a funny and crazy guy, will do just about anything, and is a great brawler. We also just talk about random things alot, and thinks my sister is a racist. =)

Shadow Troup- MY HOMIE!!! I first met him when talking to him in BB thread while I was in BoD. We brawled each other, and became insant rivals and friends ever since, he picks me up when I am down, vice versa, and never gives up.

Inuyasha- I met him when I first joined BoD, we brawled, then I immediately asked him to train me! Lol now he has let me "graduate" and now we will always be brawl rivals. I even beat him sometimes, he is a good friend, and he is a amazing brawler.

G_Murph- I met him in BoD about 2-3 weeks after I joined because he was inactive, we have been friends ever since, always is ready for anything if he doesn't have a family issue, and he is a great friend/brawler, hope your family gets better murph, and your girl issues.

Archiie_Barrett- I met him when he first joined BoD, since then, he rose to a leader when I was still stuck a member, lol. He is now the leader of my current crew, Rogues Of Asylum, he is a helpful friend and he is a great jig-raper! =D

O n i- I first met him when he joined BoD, he makes amazing graphics, which one is my wallpaper, he is my graphics mentor, we are tooni rivals, and always helps me with anything I ask him, keep going on your graphics O n i!

Yoshi Man- I first met him when I was in BoD. He left, then came back because MoS died. He is one, a runescape addict, a great brawler with Lucario, and a good friend, even when he wants to brawl NAO! lol.

Arsty- He was my old co-leader in BoD. He is an amazing brawler and we have TL dittos to see who is better, even though I win most of the time :p he is a good friend and a great poet.

Slicer1313- I met him through BoD allies, when I first brawled him, I got pwned! But after a while, I beat him sometimes, he always brings my spirits up when I am down, he is ready for anything, and is always in a cheerful mood. Also, we are currently rivals in RB2 lol.

Sparks- I met him when I was in BoD and allies with BB. He is always happy and will cheer anyone up at anytime! He is a great, and growing brawler. Also, he is my cookie supplier. =p



TROMBONE!!!! FTW!! (and yes i like to play the trombone)
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