Updated: Dec 23, 2011:
Just completed:
  • platform changes
Currently working on:
  • plans for Neoseeker 2.0
  • neoforums thread last post preview
  • Thinking about the General Gaming Forum issue
Other things todo:
  • always the secret stuff :P
  • Automate Name Changes via Name Change Fee
What others are working on
  • neoforums 1.1.0 with member cards and more!
Dreams for the future
  • Neoseeker redesign
  • iPhone app?


Hi! Welcome to Neoseeker!

Hi everyone, and welcome to Neoseeker! I'm Redemption, one of the founders and admins of the site. My day to day tasks include bug fixes, planning changes, and working on various parts of the site.

If you want to report a bug or suggest a feature or change to the site please do so in our Site Related forums. We are really receptive and appreciative of suggestions, much of what you see on the site is built in response to user requests and suggestions!

Learning more about new things on Neoseeker

There are several places where we update new information about Neoseeker, including contests and new features.

  1. First you can checkout the Site News & Announcements forum where we post new changes to the site, contests, etc.
  2. You can also read my blog, where I sometimes post about site related tips or posts such as the Favourites Beta Launch.
  3. If you are on Twitter, either add my RSS Twitter feed or follow me on my Twitter account - I rarely Tweet, so that account is mostly using the Neoseeker Twitter integration to let you know about posts I make in the forums, and any blog posts I make, both of which tend to be official announcement stuff.


Getting Help and Making Friends

If you need any help with site features please check out our Site Help forum, which is dedicated to helping you out. If you suspect we have a bug the bug reports forum will let you inform the Neostaff.

Making friends on Neoseeker is EASY! You can send Private Messages to anyone when you look at their profiles. You can also PM them straight from the forum threads. PMs are a great way to talk to friends. You can add anyone as a friend or contact to easily PM them. Friends also show up as online to you in your friend list at the top of each page.


Bring your Friends to Neoseeker!

If you like the site, tell your friends about it. If you connect your Neoseeker account to Facebook or Twitter you can then invite friends from either site straight to Neoseeker, it will even automatically add them to your friends list when they sign up!


Please Read Before PMing Me

Bans and Restrictions

I rarely hand out any bans except for spam accounts. Please contact your local forum's moderator or a supermod in order to discuss you bans as I cannot unban you. I can only investigate cases that have failed through normal channels and warrant a further investigation.

Name changes

Name changes are clearly explained in the Name Change Instructions forum thread. Please do NOT PM me before having read through that carefully. I cannot reply to you if you are PM'ing me asking for a free name change (except as applies under the exceptions portion of the Name Change thread).

Thanks and Hi PM's

I sincerely appreciate all kudos, thanks, and other notes of appreciation, congratulations, and even simple Hello's to my PM box. I try to reply to these and often I will just return the favour and say "thanks!". Please do not reply to my thanks as I may not be able to follow the thread of the conversation. Hopefully you will enjoy your stay in spite of my inability to reply to every PM that comes my way :).

Additonal PM Notes - Read before PMing Me!:

  1. Do NOT PM me to ask about moderation. I do not appoint mods.
  2. Please do not ask me to sign your guestbook. As a policy I do not sign anyone's guestbook - it avoids the inevitable flood of sign requests which I simply cannot fullfill.
  3. If you PM me, please expect to wait a few days for a response. Sometimes I may not respond. If I don't respond, it is likely either because I was busy and forgot, or your request was handled, or for a number of other reasons relating to time contraints.
  4. I try to respond to every PM that I can get to, but without fail I usually end up missing 20-30% at the very least.
  5. If you ask questions in the QF&S forum or site help forum, other members may be able to help you out faster then I can respond.
  6. Bug reports PM'd to me should include a URL to a page which demonstrates the bug whenever possible, plus a description if necessary. If you know the server you are on during the bug, please report the server id too.
  7. If you want to help contribute to the site, you can do so by submitting screenshots, release dates, etc. for games that you own or that you know about. Just search for the game profile and then look for the "contribute" link in the profile page for that game.

A Personal Request to Would Be Moderators

Being a moderator is both about responsibility and being a great part of the community. Please do not PM me or others to ask to become a moderator. If you are an active and productive member of the community with experience and knowledge within a forum, you will naturally be recognized by your peers and by other mods. In such situations its already pretty natural that people will know you by reputation and will also be aware of your desire to help. We LOVE to have enthusiastic, hard working, friendly, and responsible members who want to be moderators.

What this means is that you won't have to apply to become a mod, someone will probably PM you asking whether you would consider helping out :).

Thanks to All Mods, Volunteers, and Contributors

I wanted to add this section to personally thank all the many thousands of people who have made Neoseeker the great place that it is. I also want to continue to ask everyone to do their best and help keep our community one of the most respected communities in the world. I and the many other staff and members of the site are greatful to have such a great number of people dedicated to helping others enjoy the site and feel part of a community of gamers, enthusiasts, and everything in between.


Neoseeker Updates and Upcoming Work

The purpose of this NeoHome is to answer some questions and give a little more information about common things people wonder about when they ask about Neoseeker and the administration.

I will try to keep this page updated every so often with the things I am working on to improve or fix Neoseeker and Neoseeker Network sites but I rarely edit my NeoHome so this will be severely out of date. If you don't know why I have the "admin" tag next to my name in the forums, it's because I help run the site. Currently I develop the site, the forums, and many of the features that you are using on the site. If you need help with any of these, though, please try to check out our FAQ, or visit the forums first.



I hope everyone enjoys their time here at Neoseeker.


Previous quotes in signature:

Up until Dec 11 2007: The further back you can look, the farther ahead you can see. - W. Churchill

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Up until Oct 22, 2007: The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance - it is the illusion of knowledge. -Daniel J. Boorstin

Bessie Braddock to Sir Winston Churchill: "You're drunk!"
His retort: "Yes, and you are ugly, but tomorrow I shall be sober."

Interesting Quotes I've found on the net:

"You can't always get what you want! But if you try, sometimes you just might find you get what you NEED"

Jul 27 2009: In the user comments from a news article on The Globe and Mail, I found this comment:

"Microsoft says Windows 7 is ready"

Question, is this i)a warning, ii)a threat or iii)a joke

I'm a big fan of Windows 7 of course, the above I just found was harmless fun.