RaThaLoS 123 MhFu Redemption
May 12, 13 7:28am
Respects to the founder of this Website.....
walnuts Redemption
Feb 28, 13 5:58pm

This is in recognition of your awesome presence around the forums. You have created an absolutely fantastic sanctuary for people to come to and share their thoughts with other like minded people. In short, your hard work is redefining how we as a species communicate, so thank you for all that you do.

Keep up the outstanding work @Redemption, because rest assured, there are some of us that notice
Dreadlock Holiday Redemption
Feb 9, 13 2:58am
Just stopping by to sign your guestbook, feel free sign mine as well.

See you around the forums!

P.s, cheers for making this awesome website!
J_D Guy Redemption
Nov 12, 11 10:28pm
...and wanted to say hi, and that I love your choices in quotes.

You have good taste.
Dragoon Redemption
Sep 13, 11 11:00am
herro *waves* ta for shortening character limit. ;3
vicrabb Redemption
Dec 25, 10 9:19am
Merry X-Mas, Red! Long live Neo and may your wishes be realized. Anyway, if you want some snow, ask Santa Claus to remove some on Belgium - there is too much of it.
Jesivis Redemption
Dec 21, 10 1:09am
To Red,

I would like to congratulate you on the progress of NeoSeeker. Everyday it gets even better. For the four years I've been apart of NeoSeeker, I would never wish to take a day back. I love this website and overall it's one of the best I have ever seen and been able to part of. I'm hoping everything works out with the account merging as well and most importantly:

I want to wish you a very special holiday and good luck for the upcoming year!

Be Safe,
Steven Redemption
Oct 15, 10 7:02pm
HEY EVERYONE, LOOK HOW COOL I AM, I'M SIGNING RED'S GUESTBOOK **trips and falls over** >.< Darn.

Anyway, thanks for being so helpful even after I set your throne on fire. Here's a Giga Bowser. He's trained in bug fixing.

Mario Legend Redemption
Dec 16, 09 3:28am
Yeah I've been trying too get a hold of you on pm's but you're not answering I was hoping you could answer maybe? Anyways I love what you've done too neo you've done a great job! Love the site! Anyways if you've got time maybe check my messages out
Tifabelle Redemption
Aug 5, 09 5:53am
Just stopping by to say hi! And yes, I love the new look. I always check out the main site and forums...I'm just quiet Thanks for all your hard work!
xxChloe Redemption
Jul 30, 09 3:15am

Woo hoo ! Left my mark here and Signed ur GB !

YaY for Neo!

bk man Redemption
Jun 28, 09 1:06am
Yosh Redemption!

I have been here on neo for quite some time! I have to applaud you for making (in my words) the BEST website!

Thank you so much. This web site is definitely my #1 website. Thx.
Lil M Redemption
Jun 3, 09 11:13pm
I love this site!I just love going on here!It's so AWSOME!It's like the best idea ever!This site is so cool!Um you are the admin right?Cuz Neo is one of my (and probablly the my favorite) sites on the internet!
Dino Boy Redemption
Apr 18, 09 7:49am
Hello! I like signing peoples guest books, so I signed yours! You asked me about that gallery bug, right? well I sent you a reply with the picture on it... Hope it worked!

Good bye!
DeadAssassin Redemption
Mar 1, 09 1:00am

Liliana Redemption
Dec 27, 08 9:26pm
Hey Red. Been a while since I've even talked to you, but I understand with you being busy and all.

Thanks for making a site that I love. <3

DeadAssassin Redemption
Nov 4, 08 7:31pm
Hey Redemption. How you been lately? We haven't chatted in a long time.

Have you heard about how some guys are forming clans within Neoseeker? Not for games, but for on the site? Thought you might like to know about that.
Darnit Redemption
Oct 28, 08 10:02am
Hi red, thanks for all this great stuff, I genuanly don't know wha I'd do if neoseeker wasn't here . It's be cool if you sign GB's but ah well, I can understand why you can't.

Keep it up.

Don't die


Zeta Redemption
Aug 4, 08 8:31pm
Hey Red thanks for everything you are doing on the site, you make my stay here more and more enjoyable ^.^ Keep up the amazing work please ^.^
Superslack_iz38 Redemption
Aug 1, 08 2:09am
quote Redemption
Hi there,

As a policy I don't sign guestbooks, but if I did I would have signed yours. I like what you did with the timeline in your profile Biography, would make for good nostalgia. Just wanted to share that .

No, but I can sign your Guestbook just as well.

I enjoy Neoseeker. The cheats and tips database, the massive user review selection, but most of all the forums and community. It has something GameFaqs, IGN and those other bigwig gaming and hardware communities don't have; personal appeal. Neoseeker is by far the most user friendly, and friendly in general, online community on the web that I've come across. A big shout out should go to those involved with the behind the scenes work, squashing bugs, reviewing the hardware and dealing with the funding. You're one of the few who deserve a Guestbook signing more than any popular moderator or member.

Keep it up,
Alec Towne Redemption
Jul 31, 08 6:29pm
I must say that I've loved this site for nearly 6 years now. Thanks to you I can enjoy the internet that much more. Hopefully you have more success with this site in the future.
(280,000+ people)

Thanks again for making a great site.
Deis Redemption
Jul 21, 08 11:51am
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About the pico editor I'm teeming with a lot o' bosh –
With many cheerful facts of how it's dumber than a Macintosh.

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I'm very good at showing users how to pick the best of tools,
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In short, in matters relevant to programs in slash usr bin,
He is the very model of a modern Unix Sysadmin!

harvestbmg Redemption
Jul 10, 08 2:44am
I love Neoseeker. This site is awesome.

Credit goes to Poke Pals the links in my bio.
R1DDL3S Redemption
Jun 2, 08 9:05pm
    Hello, just saying hi and letting you know the spellcheck works .

    Keep up the good work on Neoseeker, the site is great.
Warsun Redemption
Feb 14, 08 7:54pm

Hey Red, just wanted to say thanks for all your help in the past. Neoseeker has changed dramatically since I first joined, and I can't wait to see what happens this year!