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This is a really buggy game. 4 times now I've had to reload a save because a character is frozen or an event won't trigger. >_<. SpiderManWebOfShadows PC
Black Cat... is good at countering your moves, but she glitched and froze up and I defeated her while she stood in place yapping. SpiderManWebOfShadows PC
Getting the hang of more smoothly swinging, diving, and climbing so that Spidey moves more like Spidey. SpiderManWebOfShadows PC
First Impressions: Swinging around town is NICE. Combat is interesting, creative, and fun. Overall impressively made title. SpiderManWebOfShadows PC
The intro trailer shows off some of the fighting. Spidey is looking badass SpiderManWebOfShadows PC
The intro screen is simple, and black. Looks more promising than I would have thought. SpiderManWebOfShadows PC
Finished Jul 23. Finished the game using the red suit. Collected 700 spiders, largest combo 178, 75 civilians saved. SpiderManWebOfShadows X360
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Total Achievements: 34 (695G)

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