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Aug 5, 09 5:56am
The dart rifle + heavy grenade launcher are a fun combo. The dart rifle makes for good stealth snipes if you can isolate the enemy. FarCry2
Aug 3, 09 3:41am
The USAS-12 shotgun is the absolute MOST FUN shotgun I have ever tried in any game (even more cool than the LOD auto shotgun). FarCry2
Aug 2, 09 10:55pm
Lesson of the Day: If you are manning a roadside guard station do not stand in a tight group on the road, or someone will mow you down . FarCry2
Aug 1, 09 1:09am
Can't wait to spend some time with FC2 this weekend FarCry2
Jun 27, 09 5:51pm
Haven't touched the game in 10 days... maybe this weekend I'll have a chance to check it out. I'm eager to play with the new guns unlocked. FarCry2
Jun 2, 09 1:45am
I think I'm addicted to this thing... FarCry2
May 31, 09 9:56pm
tekmosis says there's too much driving... the driving's not so bad - but clearing checkpoint stations is getting tedious. FarCry2
May 31, 09 6:05pm
Got it installed and played through a few hours FarCry2
May 26, 09 7:52pm
tekmosis' disc is so scratched and damaged it refuses to install >_<. FarCry2
May 22, 09 10:59am
tekmosis lent me his copy to try out. FarCry2
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  • "I really don't think it was all that great, to be honest. I liked the first one more. FarCry2"
    Ecto5 Nov 18, 11 5:43pm
  • "still have this lent to Redemption FarCry2"
    tekmosis Dec 16, 10 9:19pm
  • "i wouldnt even use it as a back scratcher FarCry2"
    nasty nappa Aug 12, 10 8:39am
  • "amazing grafics FarCry2"
    lewyster Feb 22, 10 3:19am
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