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Jan 24, 09 3:32am

Two days ago I got a call from Purolator to go pick up a package. Sure enough it was my Xbox 360 coming back to me! The Microsoft Support email told me I'd get a tracking number but I never did. All told from the date I got my first email about the X360 coming back and when it arrived here was around 1 week.

The total time to get my Red Ring of Death situation resolved looks to be around 5 weeks for me. I'm assuming the holiday rush made it worse.

New Xbox? - Yes. HDMI? No :(

Turns out I did indeed get a brand new Xbox to replace my RRoD box. The manufacture date was Nov 25 2008. Sadly, it seems as though MS is wise to our greedy little dreams: there's no HDMI on this box. Yet EVERY SINGLE Xbox360 manufactured for retail sales in Canada has HDMI, even the neutered 360 Arcade. Looks like Microsoft manufactures HDMI-less Xbox 360's just to cover replacements of older models. D'oh!

Oh well. I'm happy its back but I've taken up PC Gaming again and Left 4 Dead has kept me from even booting my 360 once. I still have to finish Bioshock so I'll get to it this weekend.

I do notice this box feels substantially heavier than my previous one. I wonder if its from having a heavier duty heatsink... Anyone else noticet his, or am I just imagining it?

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