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Feb 23, 10 9:16pm

DSiWare General forum and Release List plugin

gef loung has been asking me to create a release list and GameGrep news plugin for the DSiWare forum and I finished that last week. However, rarely would anyone ever see it, so I created a General DSiWare forum and moved all the previous general messages into it.

You can also see the recent and upcoming DSiWare specific titles on the right hand side of that forum.

If you want to help out to keep that list up to date, make sure to contribute to Neoseeker! That list draws from the release date submissions made to each DSiWare title. The titles can be found in the DSiWare section. You can also keep an eye on all DS titles with no release date and also contribute in general to DS titles in our list of DS titles that need your contributions!

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