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Not everyone is happy with the "personal message" feature on the new member profiles, but I'm quite excited about them.

For a long time I've wanted to have a feature like this, modeled after the MSN messages that people change daily. I've seen funny quotes, deep insights, and everything in between the wild, outlandish, and just plain crazy in those MSN statuses.

Keeping your name off the message

A few days ago I wanted to experiment with taking out your username from the message. Instead of having to show "Redemption is wading through bugs" I want it to show "Wading through bugs.". I came up with an idea inspired by the MediaWiki method of suppressing something - prefix your personal message with a colon like so ":Wading through bugs".

By default if you type something your name shows up before it, but as soon as you prefix the ":" the system will exclude your username.

Try it out, you might like it - and you might find it opens up doors to writing more interesting messages there.

Use Sparingly, but don't let it go stale

If you change your personal message with meaningless noise all the time it loses its effectiveness. The thing I liked the most about the MSN statuses was that people didn't write about their mood as it changed throughout the day, they focussed on key issues. Most people only change their MSN status once a day or only when something big happens. Try to stick to messages that carry more meaning and you'll find that your messages will be more interesting for others and more valuable for yourself.

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Xenctuary Aug 15, 09
The ":" suppressing method works nicely for messages that read similar to forum custom titles. It's something that could be incorporated tighter in the future if well adopted.
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Redemption Aug 18, 09
Yes the suggestions for integration will probably have to be studied and some sort of integration carefully planned out. I myself do not wish my personal messages to show up in my CT so there must be an easy to use trigger to adjust both or only one at a time.
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chautemoc Aug 16, 09
I have been converted -- I'm also fond of MSN personal messages.
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Gotenks Aug 19, 09
This is actually pretty interesting and could be useful to use. I might start using the personal message Red. It's growing on me, it really is.
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Xenctuary Aug 19, 09
I was thinking more along the lines of incorporating this into a streamlined personal message editing interface (ie. one that no longer uses a browser alert). For example, it may work well if there was a checkbox toggle for members who are less markup inclined or are simply unaware of the prefixing feature.

This is a suprisingly powerful addition either way, one that certainly allows for a lot more creative freedom. In fact, it makes me want to update my personal message now!

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DragoniteBallZ Aug 31, 09
We should be able to feed this from Blackberries and iPhones and subscribe to feeds. Imagine...

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Redemption Sep 2, 09
Haha I'm glad that I know you're kidding about the types of edits that would be done.
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Redemption Sep 4, 09
Actually it would be possible to get a feed of just updates from friends, right now you would have to see all profile related stuff here:
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walnuts Sep 8, 09
Awesome, I changed this. I was glad to remove 'walnuts' from it.
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