Hi everyone, We've just launched a small, but useful update with some improvements suggested by users. In summary,

From all of us at Neoseeker, we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :). Hope Santa brings you

Hi everyone, We've updated the avatar size for all users now from 65x65 to 80x80. Merry Christmas everyone :).

Humble Bundle is celebrating their 1 year anniversary by giving away free copies of Metro 2033

Get Metro 2033 FREE right here from now until 11/8 @ 10 a.m. PST!

Hi everyone, There was a bug in mobile mode where all PM threads appear "unread" when you browse them on certain

Handy tool to see how diff jpg optimisation % will affect image quality, make sure to check off "show all results"

Image Optimizer lets you easily optimize your gifs, animated gifs, jpgs, and pngs, so they load as fast as possible on your site. Furthermore, you can easily convert from one image type to another. Upload Size limit: 2.86 MB

Watch the video embedded in the article, it's amazing. make sure to go Full Screen with HD, and make sure to listen to the audio - Riot does an amazing job with the music as usual.

League of Legends visual updates are always amazing to see, and today, the devs at Riot Games lift the veil on the upcoming Summoner's Rift changes. In a blog series named "Updating Summoner's Rift," Rioters will openly document their progress, keep....

Hi everyone,Since we launched v2.1.0 of the site we've also started to collect data to try and surface "trending threads" on the site. We're now happy to release this to the public in the form of a trending threads list on the main forums pa...

Until now, if you create a YT video of Nintendo content, say a speedrun or walkthrough, Nintendo takes 100% of the revenue generated by your video. Check it out:

Nintendo reveals 'Affiliate' program for Youtubers, requires permission and still takes cut Rory Young - Tuesday, May 27, 2014 5:09pm (PST) Like Share All in the name of profit In...

Who is a returning fan of the Far Cry Series and who is just getting started?I would be considered a newbie in this case. Haven't played any of the series but I would be interested in demo'ing this upcoming title to get a feel for it....

I don't understand crowdfunded games where regular people "invest" in games to be made. Investors typically have a say in how things are done or how the money should be spent, and they get a piece of proceeds once the thing is done. Current day crowdfunded games have none of those characteristics.

Unfinished game on Steam Greenlight abandoned by devs after selling over 200K copies, no refunds Lydia Sung - Friday, May 9, 2014 1:46am (PST) Like Share Multiple devs have tried, then gave up...

Hi everyone,We are pleased to announce the launch of neoforums v2.1.0, a minor update to the site which features 5 main improvements:New Forums browsing modesYou can now browse a forum sorted by newly created threads. We've moved "subscribed"...

Win a Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, LG G2, or Nexus 5 from TalkAndroid

We have held a number of contests with Poweramp in the past, but this one is by far the biggest. Poweramp is celebrating build 555 by giving away 5 premier smartphones during a 5 day contest with their 5 favorite Android blogs. The phones up for grab...

Cast revealed for Episode VII. Will include the original protagonists along with a few new faces like Max von Sydow, John Boyega, and Daisy Ridley.What are your thoughts? Cast choices might be a risk, but I like the unknown direction.source...

Very interesting model, more consumer friendly and actually more logical too.

https://forums.station.sony.com/soe/index.php?threads/the-revised-soe-all-access-program-faq.11500063040/quoteDear SOE Gamers,Thank you for your feedback regarding our membership benefits. The result has led to a brand-new offering that we’re...

What do you think? My belief is that companies have gone from providing free cheats, to paid micro-transactions.

SourcequoteThe Crew will feature microtransactions that allow players to purchase new performance parts using real-world money, Ubisoft has revealed."'We're not going to stop you from progressing' if you don't spend money, promises creative di...

Hi everyone, @ar_cat has launched a small upgrade to our new mobile mode which causes the mobile header to "stick&quo

Check out this concept tekmosis shared. I love how the watch portion is a classic watch with arms, rather than just digital time.

Hi everyone, We are very pleased and excited to announce v2.0 of the forums! This version focuses almost entirely on the

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