Well Basically I't started around june when I was bored had nothing to do that summer and I had just got a game and needed some help on it so I googled it and Neo was the first one I saw so I clicked on it and it took me to the samurai warriors 2 forum and I started posting around as a guess and finally joined Under the name Yukimaru_rocks It took me a couple of post to realise that is supposed to be Yukimura_rocks but I didnt really care untill i got toward my 500th post and It started to annoy me so Icreated this account instead.......Story to be continued


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Review: Warriors Orochi - Warriors Orochi(User Reveiw)

Nov 23, 2007

Description: Warriors Orochi is the first culmination game combining a number of elements and most importantly the characters of both the Dynasty Warriors & Samurai Warriors series (with the exception of SW2XL). For the first time fans of the...

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