Quetzalcoatl Red Steel
Mar 13, 11 7:40am
Hi! came by to stamp your guestbook since you have The Paranormal forum in your favorites. Its great to see that I'm not the only one out there that has interest in the paranormal . So what's your favorite Paranormal subject? You can answer in the guestbook comment box or the forum all along

Hope to see you in the Paranormal Forum soon .
Menkoy Red Steel
Jul 19, 08 5:59am
Hey, don't know if I've signed you yet. Haven't seen you since the elebits forums died. What's up?

~Menk ~
Cloudstrife87 Red Steel
Dec 25, 07 5:49am
Merry christmas, my friend, and a happy nu-
year, hopefully you'll have a good day,your wishes for nu year will come true

Hope you get a better president for one thing
sten mk II Red Steel
Dec 7, 07 12:52am
In response to your question, no.

It's permantly put up, until I'm told otherwise... Which I have been told, wouldn't be any time soon.

you should get xfire, it's not huge, it's really small program.
Darkking Red Steel
Dec 6, 07 1:28am
sup. just saying thanks for signing my guestbook. now it my turn. if you ever want to talk to me just pm. someone else has the
same avatar guess small website after all lol.
Snow Ball Red Steel
Dec 3, 07 4:40am
'Sup! I'm here and I wanted to tell you that I just made 1,000 posts! What do you think of it? Anyway; I hope to see you around again!
sten mk II Red Steel
Nov 7, 07 10:23am
thx, but don't worry. I'll just wait the ban out. it's the best way.

get xfire so we can talk, it's really an awesome program.


it's awesome, thx again.
sten mk II Red Steel
Oct 23, 07 10:35am
no, I'm only allowed to make one post per day. I haven't been going on at allo recently.

I was reading the thread just now about the cops. looks like seeker X ran away on page 3 XD

do you have xfire?
Maxwell Atoms Red Steel
Sep 19, 07 1:14am
hey man, your a daft fan and so you have mii respect. we have some gd little chats an that and so i is signin ye guestbook cos u one of my neo buddys lol.
Cloudstrife87 Red Steel
Jun 16, 07 7:39am
Hey man just noticed you signed my guestbook. I'm terrible for checking these kinds of things, so sorry for the wait. I've enjoyed our wee chats and am sure we will have some in the future. Keep spreadin the word, it'll take a while but hopefully over the course of this century people and governments will realize that some shit just doesn't wash anymore. Cya!!
Menkoy Red Steel
May 6, 07 7:28am

Thanks for helping out in the Elebits forum, and then signing my guestbook. Too bad the forum died.... anyway you're a great friend. thanks.
Chain Chomp Red Steel
Apr 26, 07 10:14am
Hey, thanks for the signing! SOAD, Inuyasha, Zelda... yeah, I think we could become friends... Excite truck? You even have a wii too huh??

PM me sometime!

The black steel storm that devours all...
LZero Red Steel
Apr 25, 07 9:57am
Hey got your g-book sign, ty^^. Yeah InuYasha is awesome. One of my most favorite animes. Anyway, thought I'd sign back, ttyl!

Star Fox Red Steel
Apr 23, 07 7:26pm
This is my review of you.

You're cool That is why I'm signing your guestbook You have been graced by my idiocy and excessive smileys:laughing:
megirl Red Steel
Apr 16, 07 11:06pm
We have alot in common its kinda strange.
But your cool and I am glad we are friends!
I enjoy talking so PM me if you ever need anything!

Talk to you later,
Braden Red Steel
Apr 11, 07 6:57pm

Like wolves huh?

Cool Blue Red Steel
Apr 4, 07 9:24pm
Thanks for signing! I got all the systems from my Uncles. They're awesome! Most of them have broke though.