My player is John, (Treecko) and my partner is Riku. (Charmander) Together, we're Team Destiny. PokemonMysteryDungeonExplorersOfTime DS
I lost this game back around 2006. MarioKartSuperCircuit 3DS
Like the PC and PS2 versions, but with slightly different music. I personally like the PC version music better. Rayman2TheGreatEscape PC
A good game if you like the old Nicktoons like Stimpy, Arnold, Ickis, Catdog, Eliza, etc. The game has a lot of fun glitches, too. NicktoonsRacing GBA
A lot like the first M&L, except a bit shorter. MarioandLuigiPartnersInTime DS
One of the best GBA games ever. Long storyline with some pretty funny moments. MarioandLuigiSuperstarSaga GBA
The first Pokemon game I owned. It got lost at my grandparent's house a few years later. =( PokemonGold GBC
Awesome and touching storyline. (love ya, Grovyle!) One of my favorite DS games. PokemonMysteryDungeonExplorersOfTime DS
I pre-ordered the game and got a Dialga stylus. It's too big for me to use, so I just look at it like a trophy. PokemonDiamond DS
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