BluePhoenix Reason
Mar 14, 09 11:53pm

Your guestbook is now officially epic, may the good times in the oblivion forum continue my friend.

peace out brah

The Rock 13 Reason
Dec 24, 07 4:43pm
So here it is,
Merry Christmas,
Everybody’s having fun,
Look to the future now
It’s only just begun.

WillBaxter93 Reason
Dec 21, 07 2:19am

Merry Christmas, have a good one.
WillBaxter93 Reason
Jul 27, 07 1:15am

I'm on a signing spree.

<3 you, Nyff.

Chad Reason
Jul 20, 07 2:02pm
Hey, just going around and giving congrats out to all of the new NeoCRS team members. Hope you have fun reviewing, and I hope you still have time to contribute! ~_^

Sakura Reason
Jun 8, 07 9:28pm
quote Welcome & Instructions
That's not very nice. Actually, I am going to keep typing and typing and typing and typing and typing because I'm not gonna get out. Sorry. =D You're too cool! In fact, you're sooo cool that I'm talking to you on msn right now! RAWR!

<3 Lindsey
mettaur Reason
Mar 12, 07 2:56am

Sign back when you can !
Sakura Reason
Feb 19, 07 5:23am
Guess what? =D

I'm on a signing spree, and you are one of my victims. >=D

xXxPlease Sign BackxXx

Lindsey ^-^
Ultimate chaos Reason
Feb 11, 07 4:52am

Well, i told you I was bored and that's what came from it!

V For Vendetta!! FTW!!

Why haven't you watched it yet????
Stuy Reason
Feb 8, 07 6:38am
You hafF been stamped by tah ulmight StuYyY. [=

Laterz. <3
lord of vice city Reason
Feb 5, 07 7:17pm
to sign your guestbook, your post in the "most hated game character" deserves this, rugby players pwn american football players anyday

that bandito *bleep* has no idea what hes arguing about now

have a good day
Mario_1 Reason
Jan 13, 07 5:34am
Signing back.

This awesome signature was provided by the world's mightiest gamer.
Ultimate chaos Reason
Jan 7, 07 4:50am

and don't you bloody forget it.

Happy New Year
Ultimate chaos Reason
Jan 7, 07 4:49am

and don't you bloody forget it.

Happy New Year
Tenshi Reason
Jan 1, 07 12:37pm
Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Years. Have a great year, and hope this one was great too. Sign back if you can^^

Tenshi Reason
Dec 29, 06 3:14am
alrite, cool, heop you love the DQ game^^

your the first one to get signed by this stamp, and the best part, as far as i know, ive never met anyone on neo who can do this (im tlking about the cube) so you got lucky:D anyways, hope to tlk on PM and stuff;)here they are

Jackmh Reason
Dec 27, 06 12:30am
Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

See you around and enjoy 2007

Jack \m/
Master Tenku Reason
Dec 26, 06 11:29pm

Hope you had a good Christmas and happy New Year.
Redalert501 Reason
Dec 25, 06 12:44pm

Merry Christmas, and to all a good night!

It is officially Xmas in New England in 20 minutes!

Not the best stamp, but all I have is MSPaint…

Anyway, don’t forget to sign back!

Chain Chomp Reason
Nov 21, 06 12:32pm
Hey, wassup? Thanks for signing my book! ...How is it I've never seen your name around here? Usually it strikes a resemblence but yours... anyways...

hope to see ya around then!!

Angyles Cerddoriaeth Reason
Nov 7, 06 6:39am


Jackmh Reason
Nov 4, 06 3:56am
Signing your Guestbook, because YOU ARE GOING TO sign mine

See you around the forums and speak to you on RS, you big noob XD


Yay! I won't die again now I signed it... pesky robbers... pfft.

Redalert501 Reason
Aug 21, 06 12:38am
Help us!!! Martians are attacking!!! *TV Announcement* “Remember folks, the only way to control the Martians is to give Redalert501 an abyssal whip or other disturbing weapon once every 24 hours! That is all.”

^^Yes I made this in Paint

See you around the RuneScape forum noob. Remember to sign back, OR MARTIANS WILL ATTACK!!! MUAHAHA!!! (Visiting my website wouldn’t hurt either)

Oh, and remember my photo album

Owned by
Zero and X Reason
Jul 8, 06 1:26am
hi, you signed me awhile back on behalf of Yunalookalike, but now you can sign me back as friends., hes a nice stamp for ya,
Delexo Reason
Jun 19, 06 11:07pm

Just signing your Guestbook. Shame your a Liverpool fan. See you around in The Football Forum and RS!