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Aug 3, 09 10:33pm

Every machine needs oil. Or a lubricant of some sorts. Friction is a powerful enemy, goes skipping down the hill with enthropy and generally screws things up.
So if we meta-physicise (new word ftw) this and say that friction is non-pertinent things, the machine SGS and the lubricant our getting things done, you get the picture, right?

Because things do seem to slowly yet surely be picking up speed: bigfellahull is aggressively getting to grips with the collision detection -he showed us this octorine tree (haha sounds like it came out of Discworld!) or whatever thingy-ma-bob in which I spent around an hour trying to wrap my head around its basic concepts (lets just say I am glad I am not the programmer :p). Then how this tree divides the level into eight nodes with tot of the polygons we created in each node, and to determine where each object -which is comprised of polygons in fact there IS no object but just polygons as they liked to keep shoving down my throat- and whatever is, we do a polygon-per-polygon check, which finds where a polygons vertexes are within each node to THEN place the polygon; this will save time on loading when we DO check for collision detection as only that node will have to be checked for collisions rather than all the polygons in the whole level.

Confused? Yea me too (if you are a programmer boffin, then screw you!). I probably murdered and crucified the process via that bumbling explanation anyway, but suffice to say it sounded -and is- suitably complex.

Snowwolf continues by creating environmental meshes -basically, by creating the overall shape of each level- and I continue by having finalised all the concepts for the rooms and finishing the object list.

BUT we also have a new member!! Na not that one I said last time -lol still havent properly contacted him, dho!- but we have I would say our official concept artist, ftw!! What should I call him...yea he'll be viola, I know he would appreciate it. Viola as in the colour purple, not as a euphenism for homosexuality -lol ok I'm making it worst for him, but there is a macho and manly reason behind such a name. Argh, not that there is anything wrong with homosexuality! It's just that he is a happily married man. Moving on... yea, he's been doing the sketches for all the rooms concepts -which in turn makes it mui easier for me to explain said concepts to my SGS fellows, so it also speeds things up.

So the machine has been partially oiled, that is for certain. Ah, how I would love to have someone sponsor us -even for a month, we would only need me and bigfellahull sponsored, probably for...hhmmm...3k in pounds? Then we would be able to work hardcore for a month on The Darkest Hour (yea, any rich people out there, feel free to offer :D)...but let us be realistic: we haven't even got anything to ensure such a commitment from someone!!

So continue we do, but I think things are definitely picking up. So they must: what is the point having a dream, if you cant even help yourself towards it?

On a final note: I finally have seen and heard the star wars gangster rap. Yes yes ron round me in a circle singing how slow and ignorant I be, but hey better late than never. And I found it awesome. Spectacularly so. It resonated with my awesomeness module. I digged it, BIG TIME.

So if you are as slow and ignorant as me, do not despair: just put that name in youtube, choose the one with subtitles, sit back and be drowned in AWESOMENESS.

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Jul 30, 09 5:07pm

Wow, its more like a monthly release than a blog! So yea, new idea: do blog as first thing in the morning. That way, I still have plenty of time for the rest.

So I share my thoughts at long last on Battlefield 1943. Let us not mince our words: it is a good, fun, solid multiplayer experience, and you should go out and buy it.

Its USA versus Japan at the end of WWII (strangely enough, in 1943), the action taking place on one of three real-life islands (dont know how accurate to real-life they are though, although I would guess they are greatly such) of those warfaring times: each island has a different geography, so different tactics are required in each situation. On two of the islands one spawns on an off-shore battleship, and can arrive on dry land by plane, by landing boat, or by swimming -the latter only advised if you want to admire the scenery. And the scenery is good btw -graphics are good, DICE studios continues its outstanding graphical tradition (well, in my view) set by Mirror's Edge, and everything is most outstanding.

Sadly though as with many good FPSs', there is little time to admire such: you land -somehow- on the island, and here is where the real fun begins, because its time to divide and conquer. The island is comprised of several "bases" shall we say, and standing next to their flag captures it -the more people there the merrier-, until its owned by your side. Now each kill made by one side will decrease the others meter (handily displayed at the top of your screen) -and the more bases your side owns, the faster the enemies meter will drop. Simple!

Atop this solid and simple mechanic stands a large amount of equally solid game elements: you can be one of three classes, and each has its strength, weaknesses and a fair pletora of weapons -I must say it is all well balanced with them, my only small complaint is that the sniper seems to have a slight edge over the rest with both long-range human-killing and short-range vehicle-killing, but not by much as their mid-range efficiency is drastically poor.

Vehicles are a beauty: I have never played with better implemented vehicles. You have planes, jeeps, tanks and boats -all very realistic, all very interesting, all used in different ways, all with amazing controls. I hate the planes personally -amazing controls, but realisticism = HARD, but pilot a plane and parachute out of it above a base? Fastest way of capturing a key point at the start of the match. My love is mostly directed towards the tanks -what fun it is to drive them and make things go boom!! My only complaints with vehicles are two-fold: one, that there are not enough of them -yes yes its for balancing, but we all know we want more. Two is the tanks main gun. Now I may not be the worlds foremost expert on war games, but last I checked if I shoot a soldier squarely in the chest with my tank cannon, or even to the side of him or in front of him, the soldier should be evaporated, rather than escape unscated/with a slight headache. The main cannon has a disturbing lack of splash damage, and although I can appreciate its balancing effects, it seems a bit misguided and silly in my view. Regardless, round this off with anti-aircraft guns and heavy machine gun posts, and you have many ways of bringing mayhem.

But the sound...nowadays not much polish is given to sound in games, and it is sad. The sound is the final element in a game that brings the most immersion: there is nothing quite like a stealth game with good sound, as you can hear your footsteps, the heavy breathing of the nearby guards, their startled sounds as you garrot unnerving yet very immersive experience, and the same goes for every type of game. So the sound in Battlefield 1943 is its best aspect, especially the sound effects. Every sound is just so life-like, there is not much else to say: from the treads of the tank to the shell-shocked effect as you get temporarily deafened, to the noise of battle throughout the island, the planes engine preluding a deadly run, the sound of the sirens as the bomb raid is activated, the noise of bullets zipping by all over the place, the delayed thunder of the anti-aircraft gun -truly immersive shwit.

So it is no surprise the game is so damn fun -the challenge is medium-high, and you need a steady hand to pull off most shots and simultaneously control the guns recoil, while trying not to get killed in the meantime and remembering which tool is best for which situation. There is a real sense of satisfaction to conquering a base as you crash through a building with your tank -or to sneakily approach said tank, place a charge on it, sneak away and demolish it, stealing the victory out of your enemies grasp. The game will bring no end of tense final moments, as both bars are in constant flux, and a badly losing team can change the course of the battle by gaining control of most of the bases. Many will be the times when both bars are practically empty, both teams have two bases each, and victory hinges on who gets the next kill first.

Its biggest defect is its smallness -only three maps, and only one mode. Although they are all good maps, and the mode -basically a zones/capture the flag mode- is one of my favourites, it badly needs more, especially considering how heavily downloaded the game is. Surely, they have no excuse not to put in more, right?

But you get what you paid for -13squids isnt a ground shattering amount, so one highly suggests to go and try for yourself how thrilling it is. Let us just hope that EA gets the hint and adds stuff to it sooner rather than later -after all they have Modern Warfare 2 to compete with soon, so its in their best interestest to defend their experience against the inevitable assault on their shores.

One last interesting point: so I was playing it at home, fiancee sitting next to me, half-watching it and half-doing stuff on the laptop, and she commented on how she found games like Battlefield 1943 disturbing. We discussed it, and I do agree with her: warfare games are disturbing. Why is it a good idea to re-create THE greatest massacre in human history, one of humanities darkest moments? Why is it good to make it fun and accessible, to aid in making people forget the sacrifices that our ancestors made?
But we realised that the most disturbing thing was how FUN it was to do such: she couldnt deny that there was great fun in watching me playing it, and I couldnt deny that it was very fun playing it. I somehow doubt that those who thought in the WWII found the occurrence fun -but playing with history and pretending to commit the same atrocities? Disturbingly, it is hugely entertaining.

What does that tell you about the human race, I wonder? To me, it just says that we are more carniverous than we realise -except my fiancee of course, whos a vegetarian through and through (in case she reads this ;) ).

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Jul 10, 09 5:46pm

Indeed: our SGS team progresses, but we are still very far from a proper professional rhythm.

Ah, many obstacles: full-time jobs, real-life, and all the sub-problems within those. A rock against an avalanche? Perhaps...but so long as that rock has not been weakened by lets say the roots of plants, then the avalanche will pass it by. Hehe dear lord that was a cliche metaphor :p

So we have made some valuable progress: firstly, the simple step of setting up a regular Skype conference.

I must say, I am mui impressed with Skype, mui more than I though I was going to be: it is quick, efficient, clear voice, lets you transfer multiple files and of large sizes, runs fine while multi-tasking -yup, a good solution. I mean its still important to meet face-to-face now and again, but via the voice conference we can set ourselves targets, then talk to each other (with a considerably lessened cost, lets happily say the FREE word) when those milestones happen and progress, all without having to worry about meeting up in person.

Another important step is that we have (fingers crossed) ironed out our Maya-to-XNA exporting problems. For those who understand: we were having problems with booleans and other operations which create a complex history, and it was as simple as deleting the history and freezing the object, done! "DEAR LORD! What are you, a simpleton?? You got an "indie" group, yet yo dont even know how to do such?" yes, you may very well say such, but we all start somewhere, and most of the time it is the simplest things that cause problems. least thats my justification :p

Still, you'd think such a basic and important function would receive a prominent button, or be easily reachable: we had to open one of the attribute windows for the object, then go into the edit tab for delete history, then then channel tab for the freezing...a bit round the houses.

But we still succeeded, so our knowledge (Maya) skill went up a couple of points.

So our next tasks are simple: snowwolf (might as well use their usernames, albeit hes got some numbers after that and I forget what they are...) is to create some more modelling, bigfellahull is to wrap his head around how the collision detection works in XNA, and am doing the rest of the maze-room descriptions, the object lists, seeing if that extra member can be gotten to do some texturing, and seeing if someone else is available for doing some environmental concept sketches.

Sounds a lot for me? In truth, it be not. Technically at least, I am doing practically nothing: it is all on a creative/communication level. And if I had it my way, I would be happy to do just that -heck I want to be a game designer after all. BUT, it cannot be denied that a game designer needs to be able to talk to the rest of the team -as such I need to do more technical work. Not only that, but with such a small workforce as ours, we all need to pull our fair share, or we will really get no-where.

So as soon as one finishes ones task, one shall move onto Maya modelling. Same for them two really: the sooner we finish our tasks, the better. We have set a deadline for next thursday, but barring unforseen complications, we will be able to move onto other things before then -well perhaps except bigfellahull, as collision detection aint a nice thing, and I dont even pretend to understand the intricacies of programming. Oh and he's also lazy -but so am I. Oh yea, thats another problem we have: apart from snowwolf, the two remainders are lazy. Its incredible how hard it is to get into a mentality of "Cmon! Your dreams are finally within your grasp: reach out and break your back, and you will grasp them!!".

Sometimes, it still feels like a dream: it is much more comforting just getting home and chillaxing (a new sorely amazing word) with my fiancee and playing on some games while she sleeps in my lap. Dreams are HARD to achieve, and it is also HARD to believe that they can be achieved.

BUT if you can...then that is something, wouldn't you agree?

I shall faithfully report on what happenes next, whether you lot are interested or not, for that is the tragic and misunderstood nature of the blogger ;)

Over and pout.

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Jul 9, 09 8:35pm

Just ate two microwavable portions of Uncle Ben's rice (don't go for any other microwave rice: thought the supermarket brand would be the same -I was horribly wrong :P), and a box of cookies. All in all I've pumped myself with calories, so I'm rip-roaring and ready to go.

So let's use my sore amazing mind to say what I think of Shin Megami Tensei Online: Imagine.

So far: so good. As I say, and I stress, IT IS FRIGGING FREE, so that's a big plus sign. However games that rely on micromanagement for a longer-lasting investment on the developer/publishers money are insidious: be cautious and keep an eye on spending your hard-earned (or not) real money.

Graphics are basic yet good: anyone who has played the re-make of Digital Devil Saga (much to their dismay) will agree that they are practically the same -albeit we see more bloom applied around quite liberally. The music I dig -if you like Megaten, it's good for you-, but can get a wee repetitive.

What is impressing me the most are the controls and gameplay: plays out like many other MMORPG's, but there is much more emphasis on real-time commands. So you wont be able to simply click attack on an enemy and go read War&Peace: one needs to constantly click that attack button, and correct timing gets rewarded with faster combos -so mashing is a bad idea. If an enemy attacks back, you can either guard, counter or dodge -each takes time to charge, can be broken via a specific attack, and if it connects will work -rock/paper/scissor style, rather than percentual chance of success, and it works very well indeed.

Within each skill (melee attack, destructive magic etc.) there are not many different abilities, but such is good, as there are many skills -perhaps not as many as other MMOs, but considering you are activating everything on the spot, it is for the best -nay, it is a good balance.

So the combat has a nice crispness and fluidity about it -you are kept on your toes and have to actually engage yourself in the combat, least you get your posterior kicked about.

As with most Megaten games, you can recruit demons to your side -in MMORPG terms, it means everyone has access to a pet class at the same time as their main one. Demons are many, and they are varied -which means you will always be able to find one to complement your main skills. The "gotta catch em all!" mentality soon kicks in, and getting em all will certainly be a high priority on your list -well it is on mine, and anyway it is fun. Then when you add fusions, and demon rebirths, and triangle start salivating at the mouth. As always, the demon aspect is solid.

One of the most powerful implementations is one of my favourite RPG gameplay tools, what I would call "usage-based skill development" which comes out as UBSD, so lets not abbreviate it :p it is a system where, instead of having your skills improving via the gaining of skill points upon levelling up, said skills (called expertises here) improve the more you use them: you gain ranks in them, then improve their class, and at set ranks/classes receive new skills/stat bonuses. It is a brilliant yet simple concept, and if I had my way all RPG's would necessitate its implementation (Grandia is a great example of it -Oblivion not, albeit because it causes unwanted levelling up and overly-frustrating management of skills). Levelling up happens via exp and improves your stats via allocation of stat points -so you really get the best of both worlds.

My only complain in terms of gameplay is the supposedly open class system. Indeed there are no classes -rather, it is a case of there being many expertises, such as attack, curative magic, support magic, etc., and by specialising in some and not in others you will create your build. As said above, each expertise receives points by being used, and you have an overall point limit -so that you dont go and max every expertise. That is all well and good, but here is where I get irked: everywhere I have read, even on the official website, they discourage being a hybrid. In fact they abhor it: during your initial tutorials, you are introduced to three archetypes -fighter, mage and gunner, and everyone stresses as to how it is best to stick to one of those (albeit with your own alterations -but only within them). So I ask: what is the point of having an open class system? I thought it was about trying a trillion combinations, NOT being told this is a bad idea. So I say screw you: I am making a kind of iaito samurai/one-shot wild west gunner, concentrating on both the melee attack and gun single-hit skills, we'll see where that will take me.

So at the moment, we have top-notch gameplay, good/average graphics and music. The setting is also cool, and very Megaten: we find ourselves in a post-apocalyptic Japan -Tokyo to be precise (I read that story-wise, we are somewhere between SMT 1 and SMT 2) overrun by demons. We are a Demon Buster, there are digital technology elements via summoning demons through the use of arm-worn computers, humanity lives in underground places called "Home", they created a massive skyscraper peole refer to as "smthing Babel"....basically the setting is there.

We are promised a story-driven MMO experience -and I say it's about time!! One of the reasons I went off WoW is because the back-story is so rich, but the game does it really little justice -in fact, it just completely ignores it, and you are left with an eternal game that is eternally bland. However in Imagine you are following a story -which I have been doing for now...but I cannot say for sure how engaging it will be. I have read disturbing reports that, after level 35 or so the story runs out, and you are left with another 55 levels or so of pure grinding -a prospect I do not relish at all, as I consider grinding one of the worst aspects of MMORPGs.

Still, I can only plunge myself deeper and judge for myself: the solid Megaten demon-based gameplay creates the foundations, the usage-based skills and real-time actions keep you intrigued and on your toes, the world draws you in...and above all, ITS FRIGGING FREE!! So I shall carry on and see were I am lead. For now, I recommend the experience, especially if you have never tried a Megaten before, and especially if you are looking for a new MMO experience. If you hit a wall of grinding though...then I suggest enjoy the good, but stop when it gets too bad.

More I shall report on, when more is achieved, over and out.

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Jul 8, 09 4:32pm

Was the last word even spelled correctly? Bha, who needs spell checker I say!!

BUT, it is truth: I mean we procrastinate freely throughout our lives, but it is these same lives that kick us in the gut if we do too much of the former. As with everything, its important to keep a balance, yes?

So I wonder: what are those that consistently procrastinate, and become vagabonds, or live off benefits, or whatnot? Are they the wastes of human society, unable to help themselves and unwilling to do such...

...or are they exemplars, defying real life no matter what, and living in their own world?

Well I for one dont agree with the latter: balance is needed in everything. But it cannot be denied that gamers procrastinate thoroughly -in the sense that they escape from reality via games -I wouldn't say escape, I prefer to explore different places via games-, and as such need to sit down and not interact with real life as they indulge themselves with games. There are many cases, as we all know, of gamers who got so enmeshed into the procrastination that they nearly lost their lives -did some actually lose them? I am unsure.

So the fact remains that although real-life is, in many ways, a gamers enemy, it is also our solace: without real-life we wouldn't even have games to play, without real life we wouldn't have fuel for our imaginations, and hence games wouldn't be created. Without real life we would lose our humanity, and sure we may trascend to something else, but I would rather conquer my humanity and my gaming at the same time.

Which leads me -kinda- to the game I am currently playing. Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine. Very good MMORPG, and did I say its FRIGGING FREE?!?! Sure, it uses microtransactions, but you have plenty of time to realise if you like it or not before those kick in. Indeed, the main microtransaction can only be implemented -if you want it- after you have played the game for 8 days, so fair is fair.

Now MMO's are definitely THE games that cause the highest levels of procrastination: their social aspects, coupled with a never-ending gaming experience, is a very dangerous elixir that can drain our minds and keep us engrossed for plentiful amounts of time.

So I say thanks to real life: thanks to my fiancee, for it is due to her that I say no and play for smaller periods of time. Thanks to work for getting me up early, so that I cannot play through the night. Thanks to my dreams that allow me to gain knowledge from this game and develop, but do not let it consume me.

Hhhmmmm...yes: I think real life is more a safety mechanism that keeps us from forgetting what is precious to us and fuels our minds, and procrastination -well, productive procrastination- is a means to work out said mind and let it develop, nay evolve further :)

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Jun 23, 09 9:52pm

Hello fellow peeps and bloggers! hope life be treating you well!

Chirpiness comes from the fact that it be not monday anymore -the worst day of the week, possibly with wednesday as a close second. Monday you get slapped in the face after a nice -or not so nice- weekend, having to start the routine again: wednesday, you are at the apex of your week, so your energies are woefully low.

Of course, if you have a satisfying job/week schedule, then such emotions will probably not apply to you. To you, I say gg!!

But one realises: who wants to read about someones life? Lol ok Im sure there are plenty of people (in fact, I am sure that there are plenty of such blogs around here), but I believe it is not what I want to do: we all have a life, and why should we waste our time reading about someone elses life? Haven't we got enough real-life stuff without having to read about others real-life stuff? Still, when that stuff is interesting...

...someones mondane life can be very interesting, there is no doubt about that: even someone with the most common of jobs can have a very interesting life, and it may make a good read. But that is not what I wish to blog about: I wish to blog about things that happened which I deem interesting -of course do keep in mind that the writer is heavily biased: what I think of interesting, you lot might think is complete garbage. Yet, as with many things on the tinternet, many are out there to present their opinions to the world, and somewhere, there will be more people who agree and find it interesting: in other instances, others might be converted and find it interesting.

Truly, the magic of the tinternet: there is something for everyone, a kind of mass free speech corner, no?

So I shall stick to personally interesting things, thoughts and philosophies, progress with SGS (after all, one needs to promote ones work), reviews of various gaming things...and ill see, maybe more stuff.


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Jun 22, 09 6:04pm

Ironically, neoseeker's predominant colour is also blue.

So the morning has arrived and here I find myself at work -not much happening, so time to blog a bit.

Fingers crossed, the addition of an extra member to SGS looms even closer: its a guy at work, and he seems pretty keen on the whole deal. We're all meeting on thursday, so we shall know for definite on that occasion.

But I will not lie: it would be extremely beneficial to have him on the team. You see, at the moment you can say we have a game designer (mua), programmer (friend1) and jack of all trades/game scripter (friend2), with the rest of jobs shared between us. New guy is a graphics designer/texturer, so you can see how useful that would be: I try and not sound too desperate to him lol, and so far I hope I've kept my cool, but we shall see.

Things not so good on my fiancee's work situation though: because we work in a large company, she has to re-apply for her own position, what with the recession and all. I am however not too concerned: the chances of her moving to another position before such happens seem high, and anyway she would most likely regain the position if it comes to it.

No, the problem lies with her father: he's a boss in this company (oh yes, you get where I am coming from? I was an employee under him to start with, so thanks to my connections to his daughter I got in! Oh, you sly devil, you...), and it seems they are also making him re-apply for his position -considering they incessantly reassured him that his position was not at risk. Shitty deal or what? Regardless, me and fiancee will be there to bolster him up, so fingers crossed he will be able to fight it through.

Me? Hehe im just sooo goddamn good, I dont need to worry about it of course! Hopefully...


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ReaperOscuro blogged
Jun 22, 09 3:51am depressing :p

"Yawn" so I am most tired: had to go for a sleepover at my sister's house for her birthday with my fiancee (for privacy reasons, I shall refer to her by only that denomination -perhaps I shall come up with a sore amazing username, who knows; you shall always be on your toes with the anticipation and excitement of what that will be!). was not as bad as expected: fiancee had a good time, me too had time good, only problem we went to bed at hhhmmm...3.30 am?

"What Oscuro, are you a wussy?" you may say "that is how parties go! Grow some youth into your spine!"

No, I am not old: damn, I'm only 23! But I FEEL old: perhaps some younger peeps (ah, youths...) may not appreciate for now, but those with a full time job understand -well, those who are old before their time like me. I swear, I will never understand how some peeps can go party past the break of dawn, sleep three hours, then go back to work -ad nauseum.

I say cudos to you people: you must either have special brain implants which activities between your two brain halfs, dolphin-style, or you have a chemical injector which pumps you with the relevant chemicals...

But enough: no-one enjoys moaning, hu? Yes, blogging should be about interesting things, my apologies. Still, there might be some weird people who enjoy moaning? Er...out of a bedroom content :p

So today we celebrated my fiancee's fathers day, which was groovy -me dad was called in my originating foreign contry and told happy father's day of course-, and now we are just chillaxing :)

BUT more interestingly, friday met up with my two friends about Super Granny Software (let's call it SGS from now, yes?), which was most satisfying! Lol granted, all we have for now is one Maya environment, 35x35meters, but it certainly has potential: its an asteroid crater, and the dimmnes of the light makes it look very atmospheric and eery; lol simple I know, but exciting (for us)! But so much more to do...

...."yawn" I can't really manage witty banter lol, not that I can normally manage anyway, so I'll just leave it at that.

I need to sleep more...sleep deprivation is an interesting drug, wouldn't you peeps think? One finds that there are instances where lack of sleep brings a hyperactivity of brain functions, well at least from a creative/randomness point of view, and the most bizarre things can be alas, I am just crackered lol, so I say RUE that!! RUE IT!! RUE IT ALL THE WAY TO SLEEPLAND!


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ReaperOscuro blogged
Jun 19, 09 10:22pm

Hello and welcome fellow like-minded peeps!

If you are here, then...I dunno, you must be bored? Fascinated by such a cool username (perhaps I'll tell you the story behind it someday [its a very simple story, so don't expect that much])? Guided by fate? Driven by despair?

Whatever the reason, I welcome thee: I am no professional blogger, let's get this understood; and I also have a tendency of getting de-railed in my writing&speaking and wander across the skeins of randomness -as I am doing now, I guess. I also have a bad habit of writing tooooo much, which I understand must be something to be addressed, for who wants to read a blog ten pages long each day?

Yet, if you are enjoying the read so far, then please feel free to continue.

So, I "debut" in my (hopefully) successful blogging era: I am bored at work, I have finally reached a stage where I have done everything that needs to be done, and where blogging may benefit my future plans. You know what they say: "A blog a day, keeps the boredom at bay." Will I manage such frequency? I promise nothing, but try I shall.

What can I say of myself...lets try and be succinct...I work full-time at a receptionist position, and have finished university a year or so ago. My passion is gaming (dho): I aim to one day become a fully fledged Game Designer (the university course was game-oriented too). To that aim, me and two uni friends (fingers crossed, someone else is joining us soon) have our own "indie" group, Super Granny Software: with it, we are creating a simple game via XNA for the Xbox 360 Live Community.

That enough for now? I think so.....intros should be brief, but I am really bored here dammit! Well, there is only another fifty or so minutes before going home so all is not too bad.

....ok, that will do. Laters all.

P.S. may post on the weekend, may not -divine powers say that it is a day of rest, I do not wish to start going against their will. We'll see.

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