Mrblikey ReGelid
Jul 25, 12 9:02pm

Hey broham, welcome to the horrible reality that is Neoseeker.

Now, you may ask, what am I doing on your guestbook? The answer is simple.

I have no choice.

This dreadful, oppressive community leaves no one with any choice BUT to sign guestbooks. It's almost obligatory to sign the guestbooks of your friends. If you don't, let's just say the consequences are dire. Please, for all that is holy, resist the power. Fight it. Don't become like me.


Dear lord, said authorities FORCE us to use these little things called 'stamps', used to mark ones territory in other people's guestbooks. It's almost obligatory nowadays... I have no choice but to do so. I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

Now, as you can clearly see, I put a lot of effort into this stamp. Unfortunately, I had to rush this stamp, which took a grand total of two hours. Typically I spend three on these things, but once again, I was rushed to this decision, bound by arms and legs with a gun held to my head. I'm also strapped to an electric chair and I am being forced to type with my nose. I'm sorry, pal. If lady luck shines down on me, we will meet again on PSN. Farewell.