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  • "I have to admit, this was hard to get through. But the series overall was amazing for me. FinalFantasyXIII X360"
    Crimson Prince Aug 12, 14 5:18am
  • "loved it as i have since the very first. the first rpg born an still standing strong. the ff franchise is truely an amazing team. mad props! FinalFantasyXIII X360"
    DrosT May 20, 13 7:47am
  • "this game is awesome! its a great and unique game with dynamic gameplay and a great story! 8.8/10 FinalFantasyXIII X360"
    samwise995 Apr 01, 12 7:58pm
  • "Quite simply the most beautiful-looking, jaw-droppingly diffucult RPG on PS3, to not own it should be a crime FinalFantasyXIII X360"
    DarkFilth316 Feb 27, 12 8:44am
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