looking on the new gta 5 for ps4 and xbox one. i think ill buy it for that. the first person mood looks like a lot of fun.
I have recently got a ps4
Just got watch dogs today!! :)
J6st got a 2ds not to long ago! :)
Just got the legend of zelda ocarina of time and master quest on gamecube.

For the price I payed $48.37. For this. Good price for 3 games. But for. Single game for the exact same price like skyword sword. I don't know. MetroidPrimeTrilogy Wii
I got a question for anybody to answer. Can any one guess what game my avatars from?
Just got a wii not to long ago

Square enix says they will not come out with a final fantasy vii remake unless something like they're new ff xiv sells better than that. Uhhhh I don't really know. I mean do we really want to ruin the memory's of ff vii on the ps1 with a ps3 game that looks like it could have been on a ps2. But if it came with crisis core and advent children exclusively to ps3 and ps4 then we might talk.

Can someone help me understand how to swim load mods. I use winrar to move documents and such. And I'm useing a windows 8

just now getting into PC gaming. starting to really like the old classic games you can get.

Ok so my music is not working. I've tried to reinstall it and it still doesn't work. Every thing else works just fine

Starting to think. Maybe some of the Godzilla movies are more violent than some think. Just look at mechagodzilla vs angrius.

Is it possible to loose your phone? Because when I press the :_ps_up: it dosent show up any more.

Just got gta4 people say it no good but I love it. And if like this then I will love gta5. Working my way to getting it. :)
I'm not a gta fan but I want to get gta5

Should I buy this? Oh and do I have to download it or is it on a disk? Thanks. :cool:

Can't wait till metal gear solid v the phantom pain comes out.

I haven't beat the game yet but I plan to in the future. But I think it is one if the most fun psp games I have in my col

Just bought tomb raider trilogy and devil may cry 4!
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