I spend most of my time palying games, PC primarilly, but a bit of console gaming as well.

Aside from that I read a lot of Fiction/Sci-fi books, and watch movies from pretty much any genre. And I almost always have music on.

I listen primarilly to rock music, particularily Punk Rock, but I like some songs from most genres, just not any of the following: rap, modern r&b (who knows what that stands for now, but it used to stand for Rythm and Blues), opera, or teen music (Britney, McFly, Westlife etc.)

I also play the guitar, but since I am teaching myself, I'm not that good yet.

I do assemble my own PCs, you can get them much cheaper that way, and enjoy 3D modelling. But primarilly my computer is used for games. Mostly RPGs and Adventure games. My favourites being Final Fantasy VII (It still has the best story of any game that I have played in my opinion), Thief series (Deadly Shadows has to be given the award for "scariest level in any game" for "The Cradle") and the Knights of the Old Republic series.


'Actually one thing stopped me in my tracks. I turned on the TV the other day and I saw Britney Spears doing "My Perogative". I just thought "*bleep* me, this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard."' - Slash (Formerly of Guns N Roses now of Velvet Revolver)
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Review: Final Fantasy IV - Another Fantastic RPG from Squaresoft...

Apr 29, 2003

If you are new to the Final Fantasy empire... skip this game. It's definetly not a game to endear newcommers. Try VII instead, it's got the best story, and is a bit kinder to newcommers. Once you have mastered that, come and take a look at this....

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