Feb 11, 10 9:49am

Wow. Mega-Man?? You've got some old school tastes, My Friend.
(BTY.. ...not done yet! ..still have work to do! I am a Desert Creature!) read more

Sep 20, 09 11:32pm

woahh this is pro i like it, i thought this game sucked when i played it with my friend but when i read this review... read more

Aug 7, 09 9:55pm

That would be Bubbadude45. xD read more

Shawn Yasumara
Aug 7, 09 9:40pm

Thank you! read more

Shawn Yasumara
Aug 7, 09 11:46am

Can I use that pic?I couldn't find any pics of classic Bass that's why he ain't on there. read more

Aug 7, 09 5:31am

Oh no. This isn't in Canada. This is in Australia. read more

Jul 14, 09 9:12pm

I wonder how Star Wars : The Old Republic will be. read more

Jul 9, 09 7:38pm

Tag powers tend to be complete overkill though (especially Eagle+Sami combo - completely broken). Otherwise it's an excellent addition to the series. read more

Jun 9, 09 8:29pm

That's cool, I'm currently playing through FFV on my PS3 and Wild A.R.M.S on my PSP. I have Chrono Trigger, FFVI, and Legend of Dragoon yet to play myself. All of which I purchased in the last year or so, but haven't had time to hit up. read more

Feb 3, 09 7:46pm

Amazing review, read it top to bottom, and outstanding. I though, think the new dungeons/side quests are awesome,... read more