Wow. Mega-Man?? You've got some old school tastes, My Friend.
(BTY.. ...not done yet! ..still have work to do! I am a Desert Creature!) read more

woahh this is pro i like it, i thought this game sucked when i played it with my friend but when i read this review... read more

Can I use that pic?I couldn't find any pics of classic Bass that's why he ain't on there. read more

Oh no. This isn't in Canada. This is in Australia. read more

Tag powers tend to be complete overkill though (especially Eagle+Sami combo - completely broken). Otherwise it's an excellent addition to the series. read more

That's cool, I'm currently playing through FFV on my PS3 and Wild A.R.M.S on my PSP. I have Chrono Trigger, FFVI, and Legend of Dragoon yet to play myself. All of which I purchased in the last year or so, but haven't had time to hit up. read more

Amazing review, read it top to bottom, and outstanding. I though, think the new dungeons/side quests are awesome,... read more