DXD Razentsu
May 9, 09 10:12pm

As the title goes, this posting may be a little late considering our very first friendly encounter was back in an SSBB forum Off-Topic GD discussing the importance of one's growing post count. Considering that, I was up to a total of 400 posts at that time while you were at 1600. And as of this posting, I have now reached 2200 posts. Who knows what the future will bring? Anyway,

You've Been...

Sign back whenever you get the chance.

MexN00B Razentsu
Nov 19, 08 4:41am
Whos this noob? It's MexN00B! Sup Jhhhardolin.

Fake spoilers, time??

Have you heard of the next-gen SEGA console in the making?

Wtf am I supposed to write in the guestbook...
stabbedbyahippie Razentsu
Aug 6, 08 7:02am
Just dropping in to say I hope I can be some help in providing info for your marth guide. I know it's incredibly late but GJ on it.

Stamp for j00.

nintendub Razentsu
Apr 30, 08 11:00pm
do you like wii or DS I do Im pretty sure you like nintendo and Sony right...riigggghhhtttt!!!!!!!!!!!!! so DS or PSP PS3 or Wii,I pick nintendo