As the title goes, this posting may be a little late considering our very first friendly encounter was back in an SSBB forum Off-Topic GD discussing the importance of one's growing post count. Considering that, I was up to a total of 400 posts at that time while you were at 1600. And as of this posting, I have now reached 2200 posts. Who knows what the future will bring? Anyway,

You've Been...

Sign back whenever you get the chance.

Whos this noob? It's MexN00B! Sup Jhhhardolin.

Fake spoilers, time??

Have you heard of the next-gen SEGA console in the making?

Wtf am I supposed to write in the guestbook...
Just dropping in to say I hope I can be some help in providing info for your marth guide. I know it's incredibly late but GJ on it.

Stamp for j00.

do you like wii or DS I do Im pretty sure you like nintendo and Sony right...riigggghhhtttt!!!!!!!!!!!!! so DS or PSP PS3 or Wii,I pick nintendo