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Jul 13, 09 4:13am

KOTOR II When Expanded to It's Full Name is Just A Long Way of Saying Awesome

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...and tomorrow I will write about Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.
Lol, tomorrow.

Sorry, I'm both forgetful and lazy. This happens too often with me. So if you're sending me a PM, please keep this in mind. I read the PM, think of what to reply with, but then gets distracted with my other tabbed sites. This has happened to things other than PMs, but I won't go into detail about it. Could be in a blogpost for another time. Maybe.

So yeah, onto Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, a lengthy game with a lengthy title to match. Took me 38 hours spread over 5 days on my Xbox to finish this epic. The story can be completed in a shorter time, but doing the side-quests will easily rack up minutes. The game has more to offer than that though, it encourages you to play through the game multiple times with the force alignment mechanic. The story changes for those who walk the path of the Jedi or Sith. Also, it's very fun to try out different builds for each playthrough. You can be double lightsaber-wielding Jedi on your first try, then proceed as a force power abusing Sith in the next.

That is what I really enjoy about the game. Choices.

On my first playthrough, I was a Jedi Weapon Master, whose power was gained through the light side of the force. Helping those in need was my thing. I was equipped with one short lightsaber and one lightsaber of standard length. Both sabers were viridian in color. Master Flurry paired with Master Speed kicks tons of ass. Five hits in one round of combat, baby.

I am currently on my second playthrough as a Jedi Consular whose path lies with the teachings of the Sith. Force lightning and force choke is just too cool. I can't wait 'till I learn the mastered versions of those powers.

Excellent game, and is now my sixth favorite game. Star Wars fans, like myself, should definitely pick up this game. It reveals a chunk of what happened in the Star Wars universe before the movies - the time of the old republic.

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kspiess Jul 14, 09
I wonder how Star Wars : The Old Republic will be.
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Razentsu Jul 14, 09
Yeah! I'm pretty excited for that game, even though I don't like MMOs so much. I think KOTOR could do well as an MMO, it's gameplay mechanics would fit in without many changes. Hopefully the story isn't compromised.