Razentsu blogged
May 30, 09 12:34am

Seeing the World with a Shiny Pair of New Glasses

I now have glasses. I received them yesterday, two days after my appointment with the optometrist. Equipped with my thin frame, shiny brown glasses, I can now see the world the way I used to see it. Everything is clearer, with much detail. The ground has never had more gravel, my brother's hair as never been as numerous and the notes on the overhead has never been so legible. These things also allow me to play some games properly. No longer will I have to sit so close to the screen, or ask myself "Is that a head?" and get headshotted in my speculation. I still have to get used to these things, it feels like I'm watching TV rather than seeing things in reality; it doesn't have that natural feeling.

Still, being able to see properly again is so awesome. :D

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