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Jun 8, 09 11:53pm

Rediscovering the Awesomeness of the Original PlayStation

So yeah, I am now able to finish some of my old PS1 games thanks to my brother's friend's PS1 and memory card. We didn't really have to borrow his PS1, though; we just needed the memory card. I lost my PS1 memory card long ago, some time after the demise of my PS1. It magically disappeared, with my game saves with it. And obviously, that meant that I couldn't finish my PS1 favorites. Great games like Legend of Dragoon, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Tactics became unplayable.

But since last Friday, I have reacquainted myself with my old PS1 game collection, with the exception of Legend of Dragoon and Chrono Cross, which are, sadly, nowhere to be seen. I really wanted to play Chrono Cross, especially after playing the brilliant Chrono Trigger.

Right now, I'm playing two Final Fantasy games; the strategic masterpiece that is Final Fantasy Tactics; and the well-received and popular Final Fantasy VII. Look out for my reviews when either of them are finished.

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kik36 Jun 9, 09
That's cool, I'm currently playing through FFV on my PS3 and Wild A.R.M.S on my PSP. I have Chrono Trigger, FFVI, and Legend of Dragoon yet to play myself. All of which I purchased in the last year or so, but haven't had time to hit up.
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Razentsu Jun 10, 09
Heh, I hope you do find the time for Chrono Trigger, at least. That game is great.

It's really hard to find the time to play RPGs, because of their lengthy nature. But that's what I like about RPGs. XD