Razentsu blogged
Aug 7, 09 5:22am

Up to the Several Weeks Ago Updates!

Lol. Late on the updates once again.

So yeah, I finished Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X quite a while ago. I posted here when I finished them. Look at the thread and you'll find the dates of completion. Don't be afraid to join the backlog slaying action.

I would make individual blog posts for both games, but it's far too late now. I'm just going to not post every time I beat a game from now on, as I always forget to do so.

I'll have a meatier blog post in the near future. I'm too tired to talk about anything right now. :P

See you around!

Oh, and here's my backlog.

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RHJ44 Aug 7, 09
That would be Bubbadude45. xD
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Millet Feb 11, 10
Wow. Mega-Man?? You've got some old school tastes, My Friend.
(BTY.. ...not done yet! ..still have work to do! I am a Desert Creature!)
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Razentsu Feb 19, 10
Haha, yeah, I love me some retro games. No need to worry Millet; there's no need to push yourself too hard. I'm sure your work will be awesome.