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Aug 7, 09 5:22am

Lol. Late on the updates once again.

So yeah, I finished Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X quite a while ago. I posted here when I finished them. Look at the thread and you'll find the dates of completion. Don't be afraid to join the backlog slaying action.

I would make individual blog posts for both games, but it's far too late now. I'm just going to not post every time I beat a game from now on, as I always forget to do so.

I'll have a meatier blog post in the near future. I'm too tired to talk about anything right now. :P

See you around!

Oh, and here's my backlog.

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Jul 13, 09 4:13am

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...and tomorrow I will write about Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.
Lol, tomorrow.

Sorry, I'm both forgetful and lazy. This happens too often with me. So if you're sending me a PM, please keep this in mind. I read the PM, think of what to reply with, but then gets distracted with my other tabbed sites. This has happened to things other than PMs, but I won't go into detail about it. Could be in a blogpost for another time. Maybe.

So yeah, onto Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, a lengthy game with a lengthy title to match. Took me 38 hours spread over 5 days on my Xbox to finish this epic. The story can be completed in a shorter time, but doing the side-quests will easily rack up minutes. The game has more to offer than that though, it encourages you to play through the game multiple times with the force alignment mechanic. The story changes for those who walk the path of the Jedi or Sith. Also, it's very fun to try out different builds for each playthrough. You can be double lightsaber-wielding Jedi on your first try, then proceed as a force power abusing Sith in the next.

That is what I really enjoy about the game. Choices.

On my first playthrough, I was a Jedi Weapon Master, whose power was gained through the light side of the force. Helping those in need was my thing. I was equipped with one short lightsaber and one lightsaber of standard length. Both sabers were viridian in color. Master Flurry paired with Master Speed kicks tons of ass. Five hits in one round of combat, baby.

I am currently on my second playthrough as a Jedi Consular whose path lies with the teachings of the Sith. Force lightning and force choke is just too cool. I can't wait 'till I learn the mastered versions of those powers.

Excellent game, and is now my sixth favorite game. Star Wars fans, like myself, should definitely pick up this game. It reveals a chunk of what happened in the Star Wars universe before the movies - the time of the old republic.

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Jul 9, 09 6:33am

I have finished two games this month so far: Advance Wars: Dual Strike, and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Today I will write about Advance Wars: Dual Strike, and tomorrow I will write about Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

I actually finished Advance Wars: Dual Strike a week ago, on July the 1st, Canada Day. I would have blogged about it on that day, but Canada's birthday was of higher priority. My family and a few family friends went for a picnic near a lake as a celebration.

I completed the campaign at my friend's house, after the celebration. I had already finished much of the campaign and only had one mission left to accomplish.

Classic Advance Wars made more convenient with a second screen, more enjoyable with superior presentation, and made beefier with a selection of new COs and gameplay modes.

Definitely a great addition to the Advance Wars series; though I find more enjoyment in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. Still, it was great to experience Advance Wars in it's old, cheery aesthetic. Those with a DS who still haven't played this game really should. It's fantastic.


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Jun 20, 09 5:06am

There are a whole bunch of games I plan to finish during summer vacation, and Sin & Punishment is the first one I've completed.

I ran through the game today on normal difficulty, two days after downloading it from the Wii's Virtual Console service along with Secret of Mana. And I have to say, this game is awesome; even if the plot was confusing, and the game was a bit short. The game can be easily completed under an hour if you know what you're doing.

The action is top notch, as expected from Treasure. The set piece stages were a blast to play through, and the bosses were numerous and put up some great fights. I loved the difficulty. It is a level of challenge that often delivers a good sense of satisfaction upon completion, and rarely becomes frustrating. There are no cheap moments; you'll feel losing is your fault, and not the game's.

I enjoyed Sin & Punishment greatly, and recommend it to fans of on-rail shooters, and people who love a game with speed and intensity. The 1200 Points to buy the game seems steep, but it's definitely worth it. You'll keep coming back to this one. Here is my review if anyone is interested.

So... that's one game that can be crossed off.

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Jun 8, 09 11:53pm

So yeah, I am now able to finish some of my old PS1 games thanks to my brother's friend's PS1 and memory card. We didn't really have to borrow his PS1, though; we just needed the memory card. I lost my PS1 memory card long ago, some time after the demise of my PS1. It magically disappeared, with my game saves with it. And obviously, that meant that I couldn't finish my PS1 favorites. Great games like Legend of Dragoon, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Tactics became unplayable.

But since last Friday, I have reacquainted myself with my old PS1 game collection, with the exception of Legend of Dragoon and Chrono Cross, which are, sadly, nowhere to be seen. I really wanted to play Chrono Cross, especially after playing the brilliant Chrono Trigger.

Right now, I'm playing two Final Fantasy games; the strategic masterpiece that is Final Fantasy Tactics; and the well-received and popular Final Fantasy VII. Look out for my reviews when either of them are finished.

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May 30, 09 12:34am

I now have glasses. I received them yesterday, two days after my appointment with the optometrist. Equipped with my thin frame, shiny brown glasses, I can now see the world the way I used to see it. Everything is clearer, with much detail. The ground has never had more gravel, my brother's hair as never been as numerous and the notes on the overhead has never been so legible. These things also allow me to play some games properly. No longer will I have to sit so close to the screen, or ask myself "Is that a head?" and get headshotted in my speculation. I still have to get used to these things, it feels like I'm watching TV rather than seeing things in reality; it doesn't have that natural feeling.

Still, being able to see properly again is so awesome. :D

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May 7, 09 10:54pm

To counter my increase in boredom as of late, I've started to visit Youtube more often. Here a few videos/songs bound to crack open a smile. It's all game related stuff, too.

Man, I wish I had as much musical talent as these guys.

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Apr 7, 09 10:32pm

Yep yep yep. I got my Black DSi. I actually got it yesterday; but I didn't blog about it because I was too busy with the thing. I had fun playing with the cameras and trying out the web browser.

I've got to say, the DSi is an impressive device. The new interface is welcome, the upped hardware will in no doubt be used in the future, and DSi Ware has potential to be awesome. The cameras are very low quality; comparable to a camera on a cellphone; but they are very fun to play with. And that's what the cameras were intended for from the start. To have fun.

The bigger screens are great. The screen size have been increased by about 17%, and it's very noticeable. The visuals put out on the DSi are notably crisper than it's predecessors. The speakers have also been given a boost. They are louder and more clear sounding than before. I definitely noticed that when I was playing Chrono Trigger. :)

And not to mention the matte finish. The matte feels great, and makes the DS easier to grip compared to the DS Lite's slippery gloss. Also, fingerprints don't show up--which is great.

I'm satisfied with my upgrade so far, and I can't wait to see what Nintendo has in store for the machine. I just hope they hurry up with the North American Virtual Handheld announcement--I'm dying to play some Golden Sun.
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Mar 27, 09 2:58am

Hello there, my name is Razentsu; but you can call me Raz for short.

I've put off the temptations of blogging for quite a while, until now. I've got too much free time, and tons of video game related news and stuff that I want to address. But before I get into that stuff, I must talk about myself. you know, have a proper introduction.

So... I'm a 15 year-old male, who lives in the Province of British Columbia, located in Canada. I live in Richmond, a small city which is close to Vancouver. I noticed that a good number of seekers live in Canada, which is cool. My real name is Paolo Jardiolin and I am of Filipino descent. I love video games and I watch a lot of TV. My profile has a list of my favorite games, shows and whatnot. My Neo history is on there too, if you're interested, you weirdo. :P

There's not much I can say about my "irl" self. I used to be a shy guy in elementary school, but I've gained some confidence and grown some balls over the years; so now I'm much more sociable. But I still tend to not start many conversations with people I don't really know. So... If you want to talk to me, it's be easier if you started the conversation, because I'm not so good at starting conversations.

If you have any questions or want to chat, feel free to PM me. ^_^

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