"Not everything you want is everything you really need"
"It is born of Mistery, and no one knows it it is Friend or Foe"
"Take No Prisoners"
"Always Trust your instincts"
Main (PT.) FC:(3653 8284 6350) SS. FC:(5285 9125 0543) HG FC:(0948 0995 1102)
Trying to be the very best like no one ever was.. Main(PT.) FC:3653 8284 6350
waiting for the upcoming PK Titles, if you want to trade or battle let me know

A child who does not play games is not a child. A man who does not play games has lost the child that lived inside of him. That why he have to play video games is does not matter who old we get.. Age is just a number our skin may grow old, but time won't change the boy that lives inside of our hearts.

playstation 3 xbox 360 wii mobile gaming
I'm looking for a legit mew, legit shaymin, and TRU Darkrai
I'm looking for A TRU Darkrai and Tru Shaymin
I'm looking for A TRU Darkrai and Tru Shaymin
I'm looking for TRU Darkrai want to trade?
I want to see shaymin and jirachi I have all the other legendaries I will trade them back
I'm looking for shaymin and jirachi I have two shiny dogs, Shiny burmy and Lvl 1 Giratina
I'm looking Shaymin I offer Shiny entei, shiny Raikou or Shiny Burmy
I'm here to trade for Darkrai, Deoxys, shaymin, & Arceus I have the shiny dogs
I'm here to trade pokemon I'm looking for darkrai, Deoxys, and Shaymin
Here to do trades, exchange records. I'm looking for a darkrai and celebi
I'm here to exchange records of pokemon and do some trades PT. & SS

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