Hello Guys! At the Pokemon Shopping District, we have many amazing shops that sometimes need to be advertised a lot mor

Personally I like the Charge Rifle; it does an awesome job of hitting titans hard with no hang time, unlike the Sidewinder. W

It's videos like these that prevent me from being anywhere but productive. http://bit.ly/ZfeXvJ

Anyone tried out the BETA matchmaking? I've found it to be an improvement so far, though I have still had some pretty sla

For pilots who want to rodeo my titan, I tend not to go for the Electric Smoke as I think Particle Wall is just too invaluabl

I actually don't think I can embed playlists so I will have to link it: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6BmNUG1JZA

I just found out about the Berry Breeding in XY. Pokemon went full Mendel, it's actually really intense!

Holy Moley this thing is amazing. I absolutely love this little SMG with the HCOG and Counterweight, with the Run-n-Gun Tier

31/x/31/x/31/x, With either a Relaxed Nature or a Bold Nature. Kalos Native please and preferably Untrained, but I am flexibl

Hey Trading Forum, Today is a happy day in that the solo reign is over; today, we say hello to a 6IV Kalos Bred @NixKing,

Recently, I've been debating on getting this kit. I already have a controller and I've actually been using rechargeab

http://s29.postimg.org/l788qrspz/IMAG0320.jpg In Titanfall I really like the Titan-metagame. Sometimes I'm even pretty

...in my opinion. I think that the way it was put off was brilliant and it offers a bit more of an element of strategy. Now,

I've found the most effective way is to always have a Titan near your own flag. Cloaking to steal the flag hasn't bee

So recently in my Pokemon Club's meeting, I had a casual battle with a guy; he ran 3 "uber" tier Pokemon and I

I need to record myself rodeo'ing a Titan in Titanfall while "A thousand Miles" is playing and make it an award-winning vine.

These bots are so funny, they do so little in gamer except be crushed by the glorious titans :laugh:. I like bullseye-ing the


- Ryse: Son of Rome - Battlefield 4 - Soon-to-be Titanfall My current lineup. Only a few as funds have been a bit cuttin

Who's got the beta for Project spark? I'd love to hear some reactions to it as it looks like a very unique game with

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