So while I was walking to class yesterday, I saw a large crowd growing; everyone who is or has been in higher education knows

Without a doubt some of us here haven't bought the game yet and are waiting for the next-gen release. That said, it will

What did you think of the intro? I really liked it. Seemed like a mini-Olympics style ceremony and I really enjoyed the li

The Lobby > Loungin IMO
Funny seeing how much I've accomplished or think I've accomplished, and it's even better seeing what others have accomplished or think they have. If you'd like, tell us what you're proud of doing here!

Everyone, discuss all the titles, positions, rankings, powers, awards, acknowledgements, and otherwise relevant material that

Just looking at some gameplay I really can't see any difference in the games between the two other than character updates

What I've noticed in this game is you really need to take it slow on some parts. Like for instance when you're fighti

- I saw this and I thought it was from a different twitter at first,

As with every game release, come share your first impressions of the game here! After watching some streams of this game,

This game released today. I've heard it's pretty anticipated, so who's picked it up today?

I seriously just saw someone walking down titan walk using their laptop. I don't think I can complain about texting and walking ever again.

Something unique about the internet that makes it truly a place different than any other is the fact that it is anonymous at face value. From the point we log on, we choose exactly how public we want our information to be; it is at no pressure to us to disclose anything.

Yet from this point, it is surprising how much users choose to reveal from this private position. Ranging from age, gender and interests going as far as location, jobs, even what they look like. Part of this is why some studies show that online relationships are more likely to last and be closer to one another as opposed to real life relationships; we only have our interests to base off of and are blocked from whatever we choose to keep private. In this sense, we may only choose the better aspects of our lives to share than the aspects we may not be so fond of, and because of that, appear better in our self image than what we may in real life. Ultimately, people form these relationships that bond more strongly because they only base us off of what we want to share, and if they are attracted to what we want to share they are more inclined to be affable to us based on this pseudo-personality.

In places like South Korea, however, internet is completely public. Internet users use a type of identifier that is assigned at birth (similar to a US SSN) that is used to access internet accounts. There, users are completely known by their number identifier that government officials can use to identify the individual. Now this still means to the average person that the information is private and they still choose what to share, but the mere idea of having a universal identifier number to connect the person to the profile is one worth discussing (or dare I say ponder over). Would such a system, something accepted unanimously by the planet be worth considering? Would such a thing destroy what makes the internet unique? Should we live life behind a screen like the internet or is a public lifestyle more worthwhile in the end?

Each position has its own benefits and doubts, but which would be more superior? IMO, it's best to have the private system where users choose what to make public. It keeps internet culture alive and sprawling since most of the hacking scandals that make us open our eyes for a minute are conducted under heavily anonymous conditions and make us laugh, grin, remember and learn. But after all, it is just the internet; we can be anyone we want on here. Most choose to be themselves, some attempt to be girls, others are just NSA agents trying to establish a safe connection and the majority choose to be stupid. What can we do in a world where anyone can be who they want? Nothing.


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Generally I've heard Middle Earth is a great game, especially if you've got a nice PC to run the graphics at higher s

Launching on October 30th, Evolve's Big Alpha is now open for registration for Xbox One Players. All players need to do i

--Quote-- First it was Wizard in Halo: Combat Evolved. Then it was remade in Halo 2 as Warlock, and again as Magus in Halo: R

Living in a very suburban setting, cars and driving are a necessity. It's very difficult to get around without a car as s

I've recently been trying to stream games but lately the app hasn't been letting me. I've gotten some strange err

Watching some streams of this game, the gameplay seems a lot like Ryse, but it also feels and looks like Dragon Age to an ext

Ryse released today for PC. It's a very simplistic action-adventure style game with tons of combat and executions to fulf

People are either introverted or extroverted. There is a spectrum that defines this characteristic of being outgoing versus being reserved, and chances are most of us don't lie on the edges but more towards one side than the other. Much like being conservative or liberal, we're all different on how intensely we tend towards one side, but regardless, we all fall one way or the other, and no one side is correct.

Introversion means one enjoys keeping to themselves; I tend to fall more towards this side of the line. From my perspective, introversion means one prefers to keep to themselves more than sharing their time with others. In my experience, it's never been about hating other people so much as being away from the clutter; its been more about alone time and enjoying solo activities to group ones. It's commonly associated with shyness, though it may not necessarily be. It's predominantly valued highly in Asian and Middle Eastern cultures Being introverted is discouraged upon in western societies, as the image of a healthy person is strong, toned, out-going and well spoken. It's a shame that we have this attitude of shunning this characteristic since it really doesn't harm anyone as opposed to, say, having a violent tendency.

Extroversion means one enjoys being around others. Typically, this is shown as the social butterfly who always has something planned, but in reality, it may just be anyone who enjoys being with others even if they don't take that overly proactive initiative. I tend to have a few of these characteristics; I like being with other people and I love talking with others (I enjoy alone time more, however). I'm not an extrovert since I do value my alone time more than my social time but I still have extrovert characteristics. Being extroverted tends to be more helpful in western cultures since employers often look for well-rounded individuals.

Being introverted or extroverted is merely a defining factor of personality and just that; nothing that should be changed to fit another role, or become another personality that is different from the actual. Being introverted shouldn't portray the image of a pushover, weakling, or inferior and neither should being extroverted show an overpowering, dominant, and superior being. It's all a matter of character; if someone falls one way or the other, well, that's simply how they are. They should be accepting of it and should never feel like they need to change.

Well, that seems to be how most things are in this world. Whether someone is an introvert or an extrovert, they should embrace where they fall regardless of the peer pressure they may face. It is a blessing humans have this personality factor since we are social beings, and sometimes it takes a step back and nice inspirations to see that.


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