Pretty thankful for everyone I've had the pleasure of meeting here. You all rock, stay classy and happy Thanksgiving :3

I DID IT, I finally got the Elegant Desk. It took ~8,000 grams of ash and a lot of time collecting but I finally got it. I&am

I absolutely love the remade music in these games. Some of my favorites: * Aqua/Magma Boss. Just very suiting to the "b

Opening Regice's cave is like the most difficult challenge of ORAS for this generation; GG Nintendo.

Similar to Arma III: Life, it would be sick to have a Battlefield Hardline mod like that. You have the basis for Cops and Rob

Wow, I'm pretty surprised just how many games are flopping right now. Well, maybe not completely flopping, but just enoug

Something I know people have been wanting in GTA is a legitimate RP mod/server. There was one for San Andreas that actually h

THe much anticipated Master Chief Collection is coming!

So I just found this out today and it really brightened my day. Just a little add-on incentive that makes buying it even more

This game is coming out tomorrow and I'm just really excited to be able to replay full servers for the older games. Which

A unique aspect of the Witcher is the fact that there are multiple endings. Decisions you make during the story will affect t

Exoskeletons were them game's main pitch when it came out. Now, there are the several different types of Exoskeletons tha

Call of Duty always has a set of weapons that appear to be more powerful than the rest, be it from low recoil, high power, or

Something I've noticed in the PC versions is that the VON setting under advanced graphics settings will randomly drop. Th

We're tired of your smelly greed! And we're gonna saw all your tables, and we're gonna smash stuff with the people's hammer UnionizeTheMods

The custom classes got a lot more complex this time around; you can pretty much choose between being the soldier with the bes

Those of you that have played AW, what do you think of it?

I have been playing the game since Day Zero and I have to say it's off to smooth sailing. Now I have started a clan to se

Dragon Age fans, what do you think?

The game will be out this month and a lot of information has been released so far, so how does this game look as compared to

No doubt as with every Call of duty game there will be those looking to rank up in prestige quickly, so why not share your pr

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