Recently Xbox started making Xbone bundles without the Kinect. I'm a bit disappointed by this as I really like the Kinect

That first day of college hype :3

Forgive me if this post sounds really terrible as I know near nothing about league. In the TSM/DIG playoff game 1, Dignita

This series has many aspects to it; from the intense, invigoratingly deep, and action-packed storyline to the impressive orch

"I have to do FIFTY goosers!?" "Too hard? We'll lower it to five just to piss off @IcarusAbides :D"

It was released yesterday and I'd love to see how many of you guys have picked this up and who is playing. So, who's For the first

Here are the cars revealed today for Forza Horizon 2. Which ones grab your attention? I'll start by saying I really like

Saying goodbyes have always been portrayed in movies and books as very heart felt and touching. Whether it is the end of the many years of the series Friends or the just newly acquainted "love at first sight," goodbyes find their ways into the hearts of those that become invested in them.

I have been fortunate enough to never have experienced a goodbye like those used in entertainment since everybody, everything and every what now has been here in my own backyard...until just recently. Sunday August 17th was the first day I felt a true goodbye as I said goodbye to my friends group as we all go our separate ways to college this week. It was a truly eye-opening experience and totally crushed me for the first time in years. I had become so emotionally attached to these wonderful friends of mine that leaving was quite the experience for us all. I am so grateful for each and every one of them and their impact in my life, and sometimes it takes till the end to realize that.

"End" is a funny saying because I know this wasn't the end. It was more like a goodbye for a while, as we go the distance discovering life for a moment before reconnecting to share our experiences and having another go at it. After all, we're all still broke college students dependent of our original living quarters (read: home), so we will be back soon enough to rekindle what was lost. Still, it hits us right where it matters most; the fact that these people we've known for years on end that have become staples in our daily lives will no longer be there and that we will need to rebuild from the bottom-up in the food chain again and find new sentiments to fill the voids. We wish that it will work, and with that, we are thrown into the world running.

You never know who your best friends are until you have wept the night away. <3;

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Craziest match of Pokemon Worlds. Mega Garchomp, Overheat Talonflame and Pachirisu. This is Pokemon man. PlayPokemon
What are your thoughts on Police Brutality? Interesting discussion for sure.,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/weoz24awjfxbw5vzyadp.jpg Don&

This will be going on Saturday through Sunday to the finals and includes both the TCG and VGC. It will be broadcasted on the

Xbox announced that six new cars are now available for free download for Forza Motorsport 5. They come with the passing of th

Having only owned Halo 4 (played Halo 2&3 at friends' houses back in the day), I'm really interested in playing H Xbox gamescon live chat! Discuss what's going on. I'm interested to see what more they give us

Oh Captain, my Captain

So recently over the weeks Xbox has been releasing cars to entice the next line of racing fans and draw back returning fans f

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