American Sniper was such a great movie.
CT Varrick reference??? :D
Could gen eds just not please

I'm not necessarily talking about the buffs you find when killing alpha species in the game, but the perks you choose bef

Titles are being released very early these past few years which I suppose is both a blessing and an annoyance; blessing so we

Hey all! I'm Rayce, a pretty plebeian car fan in the large world. I'm not much of a Racing game fan but I did like th Pretty sweet,

Finished Battle Spot at 1719, or 90h in the US. Time to aim for higher next season!

So lots of people have been having trouble signing into H1Z1 in the US especially; I know the developers are tight on trying

Anyone have any strats they have while playing any of the hunter classes that seem to work? One that I can share that'

So Evolve's final trial series and beta will open up for players January 15th at 9am PST. The beta will be available for

Grade School: Do your best! Middle School: A's. High School: A's and a few B's. College: Just pass the *bleep*ing class.

Details for this year's worlds have been shared by Xbox; of course if you're into competitive Cod then you'll kno

So I've been really slow to boot on the beta stuff >_> Final week will have the game mode Strongholds on the map

Bit of old news but for those of you still on the fence or for those of you who didn't know, you can now upgrade Call of

Hi! I'm on the look out for a modest/quiet 5IV Regice (31/xx/31/31/31/31).'d also accept an HP Grass one, which ha

The games with gold for Xbox released Witcher II for the 360; this is just very opportune given Witcher 3 is coming right aro

So now that I actually have some cash stashed up and am in a position to buy stuff, I'm really considering DA:I. The thin

So it was recently announced that Resident Evil Revelations 2 will be releasing this year; no actual release date but it does

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