For those of you who can play in the beta, share your impressions and reactions here! What stands out? What could seriously u

It takes quite a while, I think I'm at the point of being lucky to level up once a day or so; not quite what I imagined b

Anyone else excited for this year's VGC? I've been waiting some time for this and I&

I've been trying some new things in this game, flying jets being one of them. No matter how hard I try though I just can&

Simple question, which and why? Personally for me it'd be one of the three on the right. If someone wished me a Happy

Turtle Rock released some more details about the other types of games players can challenge. I'm actually really happy wi

What does everyone think about the DLC? Personally I think it's pretty cool that they keep things fresh releasing new wea

Something something best avatar, something something complete.
really wants a 3D printer.

--Quote-- In an interview in London today, Tai Yasue (co-director and game designer on Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Kingdom Heart

What are you planning on picking up this holiday? Right now I've got some headset on my list, either the turtle beach

I really don't like the first person style that GTAV implemented; it feels really close and narrow and doesn't give a

What level do you think is the most difficult in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham? Any particular ones you are stuck on or just f

Pretty thankful for everyone I've had the pleasure of meeting here. You all rock, stay classy and happy Thanksgiving :3

I DID IT, I finally got the Elegant Desk. It took ~8,000 grams of ash and a lot of time collecting but I finally got it. I&am

I absolutely love the remade music in these games. Some of my favorites: * Aqua/Magma Boss. Just very suiting to the "b

Opening Regice's cave is like the most difficult challenge of ORAS for this generation; GG Nintendo.
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