May 24, 14 6:04am
Overrated Bunrepus Baby Donut Love
Apr 29, 14 8:49pm
Apr 29, 14 8:46pm
Raxzer shared a forum thread
Oct 13, 13 2:38pm

Can someone tell me the gyms in this gen cuz im getting mine in december so i can plan my future team?

Raxzer shared a forum thread
Oct 11, 13 3:01pm

https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/7847180544/hF013B029/ https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/7847183616/hE6803AE8/ https://i.c

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Oct 04, 13 2:55am


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Oct 03, 13 8:51pm

another Poke will add the kalos dex.He was reveald by a leak http://i.imgur.com/5jxFcH3.jpg How cute! idk if its h

Oct 02, 13 5:07am
Bye my pet Garfield! the angels in heaven will take good care of you!
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Oct 02, 13 3:36am

Guys im grieving now for the loss of my pet cat garfield about ten minutes ago goodbye Garfield!i wish u hav a good tym with

Sep 14, 13 2:34am
My flare avatar looks like Gaga
Sep 11, 13 9:22pm
Environmental Sci-Quiz,YES-O Spotlight and Sci-Speech Choir on the go!
Sep 06, 13 9:11pm
Alam nyo ba ang pakiramdam ng mawalan ng pusa ;_;
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Aug 31, 13 8:35pm
Aug 27, 13 2:52pm
The conjuring is the best horror movie ever!
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Aug 26, 13 4:28pm

Mine is when tagging neomember it goes like this --Code-- http://www.neoseeker.com/members/Raxzer/ --End Code-- Instead of

Aug 25, 13 9:14pm
Star Roxas Yay Im drunk! username
Raxzer shared a forum thread
Aug 24, 13 3:47am

I has 621,being 3 months here is so much.u guys always saw me online cuz im logged-in in about 4 devices and i never logout!X

Aug 21, 13 6:37pm
Praying for Typhoon Marie victims:angel:
Aug 16, 13 8:20pm
Reviewing for the Entrance exam in Philipine SciHigh School!

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