Started modding when the original Doom came out. Went nuts on the map editors with Age of Empires. Went apeshit on modding the Delta Force games. That's where I got my name. Started out as Major Mayhem, but when we had to register our player name with Novalogic, some punk stole my name. Been Rat Sass ever since.
I mod Oblivion and Fallout. Used to be a sword fighter (martial arts) so I quickly modded all the armor and weapons in Oblivion to make em real. And the guns in FO3 are ballistically accurate in my mods.
ALSO- I'm a mentor on the 3D grid world Avination. I would LOVE to do a group project, making a multi-player FO world there! Any takers? It's a modder's paradise!


Love FO3! Love it even more once I started modding it.
FONV was great as far as the faction interaction goes and weapons were more realistic than FO3 but those mutants looked goofy, the BOS was a buncha wussy punks and though the world was bigger, I felt like I was being funneled into a quick main-quest wrap-up.
FO3 is the schnitz! It looks and feels post-apocolyptic. And who doesn't love Three Dog? :D


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