Oct 13, 11 8:06pm
Pet my buffamoo >:3
Jun 11, 11 2:06am
Jan 7, 11 8:01pm
deadly premonition; supreme mind*bleep* o,o
Dec 1, 10 9:44am
om nom nom? nom nom nom
Oct 31, 10 6:21am
hates out of date digestives
Oct 23, 10 4:23am
is sooooo pissed right now >:X
Oct 21, 10 11:27pm
wants a pet dragon :D!!
Sep 21, 10 3:28am
thinks lazer swords are *bleep*ing groovy!
Rasberyl blogged
Sep 21, 10 3:24am

Since everyone else was doing blogs, I didn't want to feel all left out and stuff. None of this stuff is intresting, tbqfh but its not me reading it.... well I do to make sure I didn't make mistakes, but you get my point :S.

Anyway Totally going to loveeee tommorow (obvious sarcasm is obvious). We have a computing test on computer structure (of which 2 days I wasn't there for) and a Maths C.A.T test. I hate C.A.T tests with so much hate that its.... hateful.... very hateful.

Also my cousin (second cousin, possibly aunty if you could twist your mind that way 0_o well not really) Has joined neo. She Isn't really on to much, but I demand you all add her to make her feel speshy (special for all you scot slang haters ), her addie is FruitLoops (yes, she is as crazy as me).

Make fun of her? Your ass is getting virtually kicked. Thats all for now until something awesome and awe-enspiring ensues :D Also, dont start another blog trend till them so I'm not left with this shit documentary shit :O!

Rasberyl blogged
Sep 6, 10 8:48am

Just kidding, you know I love whoever reads this shit but it ain't my fault if i permanently f*ck up your mind and spelling :3 anywayyy back to moi im doing pretty shit right now. Well not really but kinda, totaly stressed with shit tons of homework and headaches, but other than that im totally great. Thinkin about typing up mai essay from english but only if someone encourages me (that means you viewers, also just for effect imagine this is a cartoon and i just broke the 4th wall it sounds cooler that way even if that means im doing it all the time) that was a very long bracketed speech hurp durp. Also, its a pain in the butt typing with a mini-cast on me ( a plaster to be precise) cause i cutt my nail through the middle to had to put a plaster on it so it wouldnt rip farther (and it also stopped my tomato sauce pouring out all over mai keyboard :3).

Now this is a big matter I wanted to discuss thats why I wanted ya'll to read this. I may type like a complete spastic kid all the time and have crap spelling but I'm actually really deep underneath this little "persona" (mask if you would prefer dumbby terms) and so if you ever think "lol ras your like total silleh" just remember thats my ice, and the real me is "the water beneath the surface". So if ya'll ever want to discuss all these kinda theories and stuff or anything intellectual dont be afraid to ask because you think i'll reply with "herp derp u say wut naw?" cause I honestly wont no matter how much i want to.

Geeee rant outta the way (not really a rant, just letting you into my mind there :3) If any of you guys just wanted talk to me or what not feel free, I love blabbing to people about maiself and talking about all you guys about yourselves. Trust me, none of you know how insane or multipuly wired I am till you actually converse with me in the corners of PM :3 (that was an invitation, c wut i did thar? well i didnt do nothing, so your just blind. go to specsavers damn it).

lol soooo cya all next blog (or pm, i better get a pm from someone other than keinen asking for speaking or ama be so sad :'( ) so my happiness is at stake. And with that i bid you good day (night, afternoon, daylight etc etc.)

Sep 6, 10 8:23am
is going to cry and die from stress :S
Sep 3, 10 6:29am
views homework as "The Plague"
Aug 29, 10 1:14pm
needs moneyz ASAP!
Aug 15, 10 7:51pm
sucks at doing all nighters
Aug 15, 10 1:47am
cant stop playing castle age :X
Aug 5, 10 11:04pm
needs moar people to play castlevania: Harmony of Despair with her :D
Rasberyl blogged
Aug 4, 10 10:08am

Ok so it was my birthday yesterday, but I was to tired to get off my lazy arse and post in my blog so no "hurr durr why you not post this yesterday ras?" cause' Im lazy and you all know it :\. Annnyway, got about £30 out of cards from my family, my mom and dad gave me £200 to buy stuff. My red psp 3000 and accessories had already came from hong kong about 3 or 4 days ago and I also ordered Dissidia:FF for it :D. Got a suprise present of a goddamn singing tiger XD anyway, planning on spending the 30 on a psp game so any suggestions would be lovley although I probably wont even listen :D.

In other matters, its very late and im going to sleep. G'night n thanks for reading you bunch of losers :D just kidding, I love you all now go watch some 4pp or play transformice with me :3.

Aug 2, 10 6:20am
is f*king loving transformice!
Rasberyl blogged
Jul 18, 10 2:07am

Don't ask about the title, it was just a random thing like usual. Anyway to anyone who reads this, thanks for that attention but if you become insane its your own fault Mk? Also, don't correct me I use mk all the time and everyone is always asking "Wut is mk be meaning rasberry?" 1st, its rasBERYL with a YL and 2nd mk is just a mumbled version off ok, and thats how I usually say it so thats how I'll type it, right kiddies?

Anyway I have recently become addicted to watching walkthroughs, and have just been watching the Primal (PS2) walkthroughs and can't get enough of the soundtrack, mostly made by 16Volts. I demand you all to listen to it and cherish it for the rest of your life of forever hold you sanity (who does that anymore? :3).

Soo, Its my birthday on the 3rd of August, go me and my mom is ordering my stuff early (aka a radiant red psp3000 and Dissidia: FF) so I'm dancing around all happy whilst listning to outdated rock music and quoting awesome film quotes.

I hope you enjoyed my little talk again children, tune in next time to mutha frukin F.M for my test run of Dissidia. Ras signing out :*3.

Jul 18, 10 1:50am
is desperate to play Dissidia


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