Halo Reach > Halo 4
Tracesupakriken is engaged to Halo Reach. Wedding is Feb 14th how sweet ;)
THE WALKING DEAD WAS AMAZING. tracesupakriken is crying. ;_; Someone get her a blanket!
tracesupakriken is delusional about me sucking and actually thinks I'm sorta cool. :3
tracesupakriken loves my life :3 i still say fml though.
Fail. Fml ;'(
http://www.neoseeker.com/members/tracesupakriken/ is mean and will not teach me the ways of the neoseeker status. >:L
TraceSupaKriken IM EMO NAO :c
Definately don't mess with a green dinosaur.... Trust me ._.
Women are the downfall of all good men. >___>
Has not known how to count for the past 100 years!
Holy crap i'm 18. O.o
Man Utd will be the 2010 Champions League champs!!! >=) Suck it Barcelona fans.
Man Utd will be 2010 Champions League champions!!!! >=) Suck it Barcelona fans.

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