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Apr 18, 13 7:49pm

Nine years ago today I (with the permission of my parents, of course; it would be almost three years yet before I got my own laptop for Christmas) hit the register button on this site. While I can’t truly claim to have been here for all nine of those years, but for a good portion of that time Neoseeker has been a part of my life. A much bigger part of my life than I could have imagined when I started out.

I derped about in various obscure N64 forums for a little while, not really having a taste of true forum activity until I stumbled across the Super Smash Bros Melee forum. Now that, in mid to late 04 and early 05, was fun times. People like Gotenks, Skaterstar57, Larn, RAGE THE DRAGOON, Harvest Moon girl, Neo Apocolypse, Crash Into Me, Brooklyn, ssbm freak, Sosai X, Dark Link, shadow, Short Circuit, and probably dozens of others I’m failing to name made the place amazingly fun and incredibly chaotic. We were spammers extraordinaire, most of our activity coming in general discussions that only sometimes touched on SSBM, game threads (most notably a very amusing riddle thread), all that sort of thing. We outpaced Loungin’ in posts per day at a time when that really meant something, and I can recall posting in the general discussion thread and your post showing up two pages further on than when you had hit the reply button, haha. We went through about one of those a day I think. Eventually, though, someone higher up decided that we were far too spammy and sent someone to clean things up. That was the end of that pretty quick, and we all scattered to the winds if not outright leaving the site.

Where I ended up was the Fire Emblem forum. Earlier in the year (about a month beforehand) mastix had introduced me to the game, and it was quickly becoming one of my favorites. In fact, perhaps my favorite game of all time. The community was just excellent as well, especially in those days. People like guilmon, Mana, tomato, Scarecrow3000, spyrofiro, Mario is Fat, Dragonlord, swordmaster2000, The Hero Hartmut, Blade Seeker, goldensunfanatic, Haruka Hikawa, ssbm freak again, Insanity Prevails, fireemblem24, tomboyk003 and many others gave it an atmosphere unlike any other. Many of them I’ve kept in contact with all these years, and I think I’ll stay in contact with them for many more. I spent an incredible amount of time and energy across three forums with these people, and I loved… most of it. We had our share of drama, haha, especially towards the end. But, as happens to most groups, we slowly moved on. People went off to college, got jobs, grew up. We probably said just about all there was to say in those years before finally packing it in.

I basically grew up on this site. Looking back over my early post history is almost literally painful, but man I had fun here when I was a kid. I’ve been to many forum sites over the years, but none have ever approached Neoseeker in terms of the community, the features, or the clean, professional appearance of the site. I miss those days, when I was so enthusiastic about games and eager to discuss them with other people. I’ve lost my love of gaming over the years (more on that in a future blog post), and every attempt to rekindle it has petered out pretty soon thereafter.

In any case, this is getting a tad bit long. Thank you to all those of you who’ve made my time here enjoyable, and if you see this and happen to have changed names or accounts or what have you, give me a poke in the comments. It’d be nice to get back in touch with some old friends.

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May 30, 11 9:03pm

So I mentioned my roommate in an earlier post, so now I figure I'll make a post about him and how he made my life at times hilarious, at other times less so.

So first off, I had a roommate lined up from last year, but the college kicked him out at the last minute because of his grades, so they stuck me in the lottery of people who didn't already have roommates, so I got put with someone who I had never met until a week into the first semester of this year (he showed up to classes a week late, yes).

So the kid doesn't speak English, at least not in an accent I can understand. He was actually Chinese, and pretty much the only thing he ever said to me was "okay" or "sure," sometimes in situations when those words really didn't make any sense, but I left it more or less alone. But he slept during the day. I think he skipped most of his classes and never did homework, but I can only be sure about two of them (which he definitely did not attend on a regular basis). He woke up at about 11pm or so most nights, and started babbling on Skype, while at the same time playing either a flash game, or a strange card game in Chinese online. He would do this until about 5am (keeping me up till this time roughly half the time), and then leave the room and come back a few hours later to wake me up as he climbed in bed. Several times during the last two weeks people came to beat on our door looking for him, but he was conveniently gone, since he was apparently skipping out on a group final project. Why he paid tens of thousands of dollars to not go to class, I may never know.

He also didn't shower. Maybe once a week or so he would, so by the 4th day the room began to smell foul. Luckily I had a can of Lysol, so when he left I'd typically get up and make the room smell somewhat acceptable. He was also a bit of a slob; at one point in the first semester he dropped a large quantity of caramel popcorn behind his desk. It was still there when I left a few weeks ago.

He had other, more humorous, habits. One of these was his thing about water. He had a pitcher of water that he wouldn't put in our refrigerator. He would sit it on his dresser, next to a mug of water he would keep mostly full. Every time he walked into the room, he would top up the mug of water with his pitcher, and then take a sip from it and sit it down. This always amused me, but I never did ask what it was about.

Another thing he would do that shot my nerves all to pieces was this: He'd sometimes be sitting at his desk, staring into space. Suddenly he would scream something in Chinese at the top of his lungs and run out of the room. A few minutes later, he would walk back in completely calm as if nothing had happened, though sometimes he would be missing some articles of clothing. I found this at once amusing and terrifying.

That's all I can think of at the moment, though I'm sure there's more that'll come to me.

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May 23, 11 6:29pm

Oh my goodness. So, I've been summoned for jury duty, and had my first day today. The paper told me to show up by 10am or I'd get fined, so I showed up at 9:40. With typical government efficiency, they were ready for us around 11. They proceeded to talk with us and show us a video with cheesy crap about what it means to be a juror for another 40 minutes, and then began calling us by the number we'd been given to determine who would actually have to stay today. Of course that included me. So they told us to come back an hour later, because apparently no one in the judiciary works between the hours of noon and 1pm. So I look to eat lunch and of course everything is too expensive; I literally don't have enough money to eat when you take into account parking. So I sit around for an hour and then go back to the room, where they call numbers again to see who goes to the first trial. Of course I'm not called, so I sit around for another hour doing nothing. They then take us to sit just outside the courtroom and wait for another half hour. Finally, we get led in and wait 20 minutes for the judge, who informs us that the case was settled out of court anyway and to go home. Six hours sitting around doing nothing.

And speaking of the money, they're paying me $12.50 a day to be there. They charge $7 to park, and the food is ~$6.25. I'm paying them to sit in a room doing nothing. Add in gas money, and it gets a little bit worse. Fun times.

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May 18, 11 8:36pm

I've been away for quite some time, I think. Well, my life has been eventful.

This last semester was terrible by almost every conceivable measure. My classes were unenjoyable time-sinks, some more than others of course, and none more so than Econometrics. It's about as awesome as it sounds. I think I've done relatively well in my classes, though. Unfortunately, I may have sacrificed my sanity to do so. My roommate didn't help, but I think I'll write a post entirely about him later, because now that I sit back and think about it, some of it is actually hilarious. But yes, I sort of had a mental breakdown over the course of the last two weeks of the semester. Got paranoid, obsessive about my health, became utterly convinced that I was going to die for really stupid reasons, etc. The clinic nurse tells me that I'm an insomniac with an anxiety disorder. I don't quite know what to believe now.

In any case, I note that I've missed my seventh birthday on Neo. Seven years is a bloody long time to stay in one place on the internet. I probably say this a lot, but I'm not 100% sure why I still come here. I don't really play games anymore, most of my friends from here have long since moved on, and I'm not sure what's left here for me to do. I'm thinking about trying to become more involved over the summer. Maybe join an RP or something. I dunno.

That's all I've got, I think.

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Oct 30, 10 10:01pm

So, my last post indicated that two weeks ago I had three papers due that week. Now I have a paper due tomorrow, two papers and a presentation due Friday, and a paper due a week from today, for the same class that has the paper due tomorrow. This crap is not funny anymore. Not funny at all.

In other news, there really isn't any other news. I haven't done much of anything but work, and I'm not likely to start any time soon. Christmas break can't come soon enough.

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Oct 22, 10 4:42pm

So, I haven't updated you guys in a long time on my schoolwork. I'm sure you're dying to know.

This semester (1st semester of Junior year) I'm taking Constitutional Interpretation, Western Political Theory 1, Financial Accounting, and Macroeconomics. It's been a load of fun. I've just recently gotten done writing three papers in as many days. The added bonus was that I was sick while this was happening. Fever, hacking up a lung, the whole nine yards. So this hasn't been the best week so far. Then again a lot of weeks haven't gone particularly well recently.

I've also been having medical problems unrelated to the above sickness, to some extent since freshman year. I'll spare you the details, but I'm apparently going to have to eliminate dairy from my diet for a couple weeks in order to test for lactose intolerance. Basically, I have to eliminate my diet from my diet. It should be interesting. Wish me luck.

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Oct 14, 10 4:01am

You'll pardon me if this blog is all over the place, I hope.

So I just logged on for the first time in about three weeks, and was greeted by a private message in my inbox. This is fairly odd, I don't get a lot of messages in this day and age. So I open it, and it's a read receipt for a message I sent nearly two years ago to someone who had left the site just beforehand. "That's odd," I thought. So, creeper that I am, I checked her profile. And from that it seemed that she had posted on someone's guestbook and then logged off again. "That really is odd," I thought. So I go to see what it was, me being a creeper, and I learn that ZTR is dead.

I remember seeing him around a lot back a few years ago. I was never close with him, never really even had much conversation with him, but for whatever reason this has bothered me since I learned early this morning. I don't really know what to say further about it, so I'll leave it there.

This has been an inauspicious start to fall break. It doesn't help that I have three papers due when I get back. I think I'll write more about that later, as it just seems weird to drone on about such a thing in this post. I'll catch you later.

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Jan 24, 10 4:20am

History of Modern American Conservatism seems to fit that description. Have you ever had a class where you could, with 95% certainty (plus or minus 3 points, of course), predict what your grade would be regardless of the assignment, how much effort you put into it, or even if you did the prerequisite reading? This has been this sort of class for me. I am not used to being handed back essays with nothing but positive comments on them and then at the end notice that he's given me a C- for all my "good points." I did get a random 80% on a quiz, but everything else has been between 70% and 75%. It's actually rather infuriating; I ask what I need to do to improve, and he chuckles and says he doesn't know.

To top it off, I'm rather ill. I seem to have developed a fever, breathing is slightly difficult, talking is painful, and moving causes me to be lightheaded and dizzy.

tl;dr: fml

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Dec 21, 09 8:41am

Like this blog.

When last I posted in this, I was staring down Thanksgiving Break, with a paper to write and finals to study for. Of course, Thanksgiving was a lot like what I envision Hell will be like when I end up there. To elaborate without getting into all the details, my mother's side of the family is hilariously awful, and I got stuck babysitting three children (one of whom absolutely has to be mentally retarded, I don't believe the doctors that say otherwise) in a room full of breakable things for several hours while the rest of the family did whatever the Hell people do on Thanksgiving when they aren't eating.

After that, I had something of a breakdown, and got absolutely no work done. I ended up waiting until the last minute to write the paper, and it was absolutely horrific. Not too horrific, I guess, because I ended up making a B- on it. Then it was finals week. I studied quite a bit, freaked out quite a bit, and ended up doing well on everything. The final tally for the semester is an A, an A-, a B+, and a B-. All in all, mission accomplished.

So on the Neoseeker front, I've joined an RP in the FE forum, which is probably going to be the last desperate gasp of activity before that old place finally fades into obscurity. I sort of wonder about my writing and characterization, as I've never been particularly good at it in the past. I'm also wondering how my luck will come back to screw me. So far it's been quite good, but then again, but I'm rather confident that will change.

Anyway, enough of this for now. See you on the forums. Or not.

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Nov 24, 09 10:49pm

Well, I managed to get a 91% on my history test, and a high grade on my Econ test as well. I'm not sure how, but it works for me. Not sure how my Spanish test went, but probably not horribly.

This last week has been a little bit more dodgy than I expected. A Spanish assignment cropped up that kicked off my tri-annual panic attack for the fall. I had to give a 10 minute presentation on Andres Segovia, who is apparently obscure as frak. Biographers contradict each other on him regularly: Some say he was married three times, some say two. Those that say two attribute his two children by the first wife to the second one. No one knows when he was born. Only some people acknowledge he had a daughter. It was something of a nightmare, and I don't think I did particularly well.

I am, as of this writing, sitting in my last class before Thanksgiving Break. Which sounds wonderful, as I need a break, but it's a trap! I have two twelve page papers due three days after I return from break. So basically, I'm going to be every bit as busy, if not more so, as I am on a normal week over the break. Joy.

On the Cybernations front, crap is flying all over the place, and people are itching for war. It's only a matter of time before some of it hits the fan. They'll likely wait until finals week, just like last time. >_<

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Nov 11, 09 7:18am

Well, I now know what it is I was forgetting; a Spanish test in two days and a chapter in the workbook. Fun fun fun.

I suppose I should put something else here also, as this seems like something of a waste of a posting. If anyone's out there reading these things, it'd be somewhat interesting to hear what you'd like to see put here. And no, you cannot has cheeseburger.

I also have a History 110 test tomorrow, but I feel like I might have mentioned that before. I haven't studied, and am not likely to, since I don't take notes in the class. I figure it's alright; I got a 95% on the last test under the same circumstances, and why fix what isn't broken, right? Right? Either way, I have a bit of leeway with my grade in that class, what with an average of about 93%.

On the Neo front, oh my goodness, one of my old friends has been allowed to return from the depths of perma-ban Hell. Welcome back, Masqued Serenity.

Anyway, that's enough padding, so I'll end this here.

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