FiGro Randome
May 11, 10 9:41am
Mr. Moderator your awesome work has been noted, an you are promoted to Moderator, go check our your new powers, GMR -at MyEpsilon.
DarshD Randome
Nov 15, 09 7:37pm
Hey Randome, thanks for adding me as your friend.
If you want to ask anything or you want to just talk to me, feel free to NeoPM me any time.
I am crazy about solving the mysteries of Epsilon cult just like you are!
I hope you will continue the good work of GTA myth-hunting and keep reviving GTA forum.
Inform me if you find anything strange or exposed any myth.
I will inform you too.
Your gallery is cool. Awesome GTA pictures, Better than mine !
I think we will become good friends.
Please don't forget to sign my guest book too.
Take care.

Speed Demon Randome
Nov 9, 09 1:17am
have fun finding about the epsilon, and dont forget to sign back!
Emaster MK Randome
Aug 1, 09 9:17pm
I love to sign my Friend's guestbooks, here is a nice picture for the GTA obsessed, Randome

Bandito Randome
Jul 19, 09 11:05pm
just showing some respectSan andreas all day!