Mr. Moderator your awesome work has been noted, an you are promoted to Moderator, go check our your new powers, GMR -at MyEpsilon.
Hey Randome, thanks for adding me as your friend.
If you want to ask anything or you want to just talk to me, feel free to NeoPM me any time.
I am crazy about solving the mysteries of Epsilon cult just like you are!
I hope you will continue the good work of GTA myth-hunting and keep reviving GTA forum.
Inform me if you find anything strange or exposed any myth.
I will inform you too.
Your gallery is cool. Awesome GTA pictures, Better than mine !
I think we will become good friends.
Please don't forget to sign my guest book too.
Take care.

have fun finding about the epsilon, and dont forget to sign back!
I love to sign my Friend's guestbooks, here is a nice picture for the GTA obsessed, Randome

just showing some respectSan andreas all day!