KillJoy RandomHeroJr
Jul 20, 09 2:39pm
Hello..My name is Wulf-ay and I'm a kitty kat. I'm very little and loveable. I like to be loved by people and I love guys with hot accent..Are you one of them? :3 *insert foxxy dude* I really like to be comforatble like you do to me all the time. And I want to be your pet forever. Will you still love me since I is a kitty? Me-er-ow.
Me wuv u-eow. :3
Pachi RandomHeroJr
Jun 25, 09 11:26pm
Hey, Craig!
Signing everyone's guestbooks. :3
And thanks for helping me and Alex out about our grandpa. It means a lot to us. ^^

KillJoy RandomHeroJr
May 24, 09 10:34am
Baby!! I freakin Love you!!! You're like the stars and I'n the effin moon! WOOT!! You're so effin awesome babe!! <3 you so much!
snow RandomHeroJr
May 18, 09 7:26am
Thanks for being my friend we have lots of fun together in the clans even when you win at mario karts xD
pokemonchic RandomHeroJr
May 18, 09 6:29am

Teh Ice Croconaw Owns your soul!

↓↓Untrue,crocnaw could just bite her head off,or her arm or leg what ever floats your boat =D

PrincessPeach12 RandomHeroJr
May 18, 09 6:18am

"Ohhh did I win?" "Sweeeet" "Uh-huh"

hahaha Peach ownz all.
ZidaneNL RandomHeroJr
Mar 19, 09 2:54am
Perhaps I'll become a supermod and ban your ass so hard that even the grandchildren of your grandchildren will still be banned from the site. xD


Thanks for signing my guestbook! ;-)
SonicDude28 RandomHeroJr
Jan 05, 09 6:09am
Just sexy me saying thanks for being so supportive and helpful. Whenever you wanna brawl send me a message.

I will always contribute to your clan and whenever you need me, I'll be there for you.

Ninja Jeff RandomHeroJr
Nov 12, 08 1:24am

You're good brawler, made an awesome crew, and a good friend.
amish robot RandomHeroJr
Nov 02, 08 11:13am

Ha-Ha! I win. Nah I'm just playin'. You still kinda rock! Even Though I still pwn all of everyone.
Spiritual RandomHeroJr
Oct 31, 08 6:23pm

I hope you have had a great halloween, and thanks for being an awesome person ;D!
blaze dragon 1993 RandomHeroJr
Oct 26, 08 12:23am

^-- look at it lol
i see you have finally got over 1000 posts and beat me wow lol but i hardly come on but i try and start coming on more lol
simomatic RandomHeroJr
Sep 20, 08 5:18am
Prime A Brawl battling, welcome aboard the fleet. *Salutes*

Keep on flying kid.
chinz98 RandomHeroJr
Aug 03, 08 2:13am
hey man, I'm just bored right now so I feel like signing your GB.

Not much else to say, really, except get a better router sometime.

See ya around the forums,
blaze dragon 1993 RandomHeroJr
Jul 08, 07 1:58am
hello craig are you having fun on neoseeker because you only started today, plus your reading this as i'm typing at the same time so all of this is pointless.