R.I.P Leonard Nimoy. May you live long and prosper in the next life. :(
Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty unlocks on my Steam in 1 day & 3 hours!

_After playing Smash Wii U with some friends a month or two ago, I got into a discussion about the jump button with one of th

_I'm surprised I never saw this type of thread during the games initial release. Though, this is pretty good timing becau

The Elder Scrolls Anthology came in the mail today. Goodbye society.
Played my copy of Hyrule Warriors today. I like it, but adjusting to the minor changes from your typical Dynasty Warriors is interesting.
I've just learnt that a sealed Metroid Prime Trilogy is now worth $201!!! O__O
Happy birthday! :D
Happy Level Up day to me! Now at lv22. ^o^
Sometimes I wish arcades were still going strong. I wonder what gaming truly felt like in the 80's...?
Got some free Wii U accesories because we had no way of selling them at work. Got at least £60 worth of stuff! :O

_Just wondering how many people here have registered both their 3DS and Wii U copies of the game to get their soundtrack + Me

--Quote Me-- _Now I'm sure we're all heavily excited for the 3DS version being released in such a short space of time

Loving the Wii U and MK8 so far. Haven't tried 150cc yet but I hope it's as frustratingly difficult as Super Mario Kart's 150cc was.
Got a Wii U today!!!
Bought my first two Amiibo's today; Samus and Wii Fit Trainer. Welcome to the family! <3

_As maybe one or two of you know, I work at a game store (called "GAME", which those of you in the US may not know

_Some of you may know that I have actively stated that I was against Ridley being playable in Smash Bros in the past (though


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