GTA Addict Random Insanity
May 31, 03 12:43am
Thanks for helping me realise I'm a punker wannabe and all this time I thought I was a punk worshiper.Thanks again I could've gotten beat up at a punk concert for trying to be a punk so thank you for helping me realise I'm a punk-poser and saving me from being beat up.

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dl4everbsdlight Random Insanity
May 22, 03 10:02pm
hmmmmmm no one's sign your g-book in a long time..hehehe k so will you sign mine? okkkkkkk then this 125 rule sucks!!:P:P:P:P:P ok i think im there now
Captain Canuck Random Insanity
Jan 12, 03 10:01pm
YOYO RI, hows it going, nice to see you back again, havent seen you around for a while, but hope to see you much much more, and in return, plz sign my GB


I see your from canada! So i'm I! you live somewere north of Toronto! I live south of Toronto!Hope you sign mine book back too!
Amourette Random Insanity
Oct 2, 02 2:09am
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.