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I am the 'true hero' of the war of the lions. Branded a heretic and outcast from Ivalice, before the beginning of the middle age.

I know you know who I am, because at the end of my days,I found shelter within the walls of a Scholastic Akademy, run by a man named 'Azlam Durai'.

I grew close to him and his grandson, 'Arazlam', who was only a child of 18 months then. I told Azlam the truth about my past. Shortly after, he documented my story, and secured it with a ribbon and his seal.

The 'Durai Papers' were brought before the Council of Lyceia, but the Church denied them, stating that I, 'Ramza Beoulve is a "Heretic"! We hereby order these papers to be destroyed!' Of course, they weren't destroyed.....

Azlam had allies within the Church, and the papers were stowed away. Until finally Arazlam, student scholar in his final year, came upon the scriptures by chance or fate. Thereby, telling the whole world of my legacy!


Final Fantasy Video Games, Metal Gear Solid, Pro Evo Socccer, Music: Hip-Hop,RnB, Rock, whatever sounds good to me.
Movies, Having fun, chilling out, partying, Sports, etc.


The Youngest Son of Lord Barbaneth of the 2nd Age in Ivalice's history.
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