Hey, guys, sorry for being away for so long. I hope to get back into trading and the like. I missed you guys and just wanted to say hi.
long time no stalk 030 hehehhe
-sits and just sits- 8D
Do you have a Mocospace?
-pops my head into your profile to see what youre doing- hi how are you?
Posts on your wall >:3 hi hi hi
-Listens to s3rl - MTC - and just bobs my head B^D
aye do you know what "the Mirror" on neo is?

Hallo, people of Neo. I see we have many, many newbies. :0 Make sure to tagg me like so: @RainyDayDreamer when talking to me.

Hallo. ^=^ As the title says, I am indeed searching for two Everstones and female Banette/Shuppet. :0 I have some gems

Hello, I just recently discovered that a Pumpkaboo is infact a Pokemon. xD I would like to trade for one(preferably low level

Hi, there. :0 I'm giving away Fennekin and a few Froakie. Just post your FC, register mine, and we'll trade immediate

Hi, I just received the game, and would really enjoy a Noibat egg in my team. :> If anyone can trade it to me. I don&am

As the title says, I'm seeking shiny Shuppet and shiny Aron. I am willing to trade a Pokemon from my shop(link in signatu

Hi, I'm looking for, as stated above, a _Red and Green Anniversary Pichu. _ :0 I prefer hatched. And _gen 4_. I'm

Hey, hi. I just wanted to use the gen 6 label. ^-^ Obviously, this is generation 5. xD I'm looking for any DWF(Dream

Hello, people(and shinigami) of Neo! As the release date of Pokemon X and Y ensues, I have decided to hold a raffle. The priz

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