Neofriends from...

~*♥Harvest moon DS♥*~

Terrierboy ♥
xxprincezchrissyx ♥
I Miss Tangy *
Aniaml Crossing mad ♥
Snoopymaster *
harvest moon 01 fan ~

~*♥Animal Crossing♥*~

ILoveMoe ♥
CheaterGirl007 ♥
Terrierboy ♥
nikkiole ♥


Swampert_X ♥

♥= One of the closest friends.
~= Great, wonderful friend
*= Good friend.


Get neomarried- Done
Get a small neofamily- Done
Be the moderator of the Writers Lounge- No...
Become the moderator of Harevst Moon DS- No
Become moderator of Harvest Moon DS Island Of Happiness- No

Posting goals:

50 posts- Yes! =^-^=
100 posts- Yup! =^-^=
200 posts- Yup! =^-^=
500 posts- Yup! =^-^=
750 posts- Yup! =^-^=
1000 posts- Yes, and glad about it! =^-^=
1500- Yesss... =^-^=
2000- YESSSS!!!!! :)
5000- Nowhere near... :(
10000- When ever will I...? :(

Neopoint goals:

10- Yes!
50- Yes!
100 (Enough to display it on posts)- Nope
500- Nope
1000- No...

Harvest Moon DS Goals:


Normal Girls:

Nami- No.
Muffy- Yes!
Flora- No.
Lumina- No.
Celia- No.

Special Girls:

Witch Princess~ (Trying ^__^;)
Harvest Goddess- No.
Leia- No.
Keira- No, too hard.

Open all the mines- No

Get married to all Normal Girls- No

Use the Billion Glitch- Yes!

Delete my data- Yes! :(

My Favourite Friends (Sorry to all not on, but I'm sure you're well on the way to being here ^___^; ):

amelia123456789- Nice person. AC:WW friend.

animal crossing mad- As the name implies she likes Animal Crossing. Aw, well who doesn’t? Great friend! Also likes HM:DS (Harvest Moon DS)

Cheatergirl007- She’s not o much because of Internet problems but she’s great! She also likes the wonderful world of AC:WW (Animal Crossing: Wild World.) She’s the leader of The Palace Clan, one of my favourite gangs!

ILoveMoe- Don’t PM him much but he’s great! Also likes AC:WW.

Jordii- Great! Also a bacon lover!

nikkiole: The power of smily wars!!! Great friend AGAIN from the AC:WW Forum.

swampert_X- Great Neofriend! Whoa, I have too many… ^__^;

terrierboy- He’s one of my very first Neo-Friends. We both LOVE Doctor Who, Animal Crossing: Wild World and Harvest Moon DS!

xprincezchrissyx- A great friend! A bit like a Neo-sis really. She’s very kind, and helpful and loves Harvest Moon. YAY!

Welldone for coming this far *Gives cookie*


Neohusband: Terrierboy.
Neosisters: CheaterGirl007, Jordii and xprincezchrissyx.
Neodad: Swampert_x
Neomum: SnoopyMaster
Neosons: pollyfly, jearbear (Who the...?) and mr scared (Again, who the-?).
Neodaughters: Sugar J, October and Barbydoll.

If you can read this message, you are blessed because over two billion people in the world cannot read at all:

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uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal

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Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas toghuht slpeling

was ipmorantt! tahts so cool!

If you can read that put it in your profile!

If you're a Grammar Freak put this in your profile, XD!

I know, on our sigs put- PM us, newbs- we can teach you to type correct words if you sign our Guestbooks.


1. Neo.friends!
pm me if you want to be added
2. Doctor Who

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