Prime Hunter Rainbow Jinjo
Jul 11, 05 4:25pm
So. wazup.


pm back if you want
Cascade7 Rainbow Jinjo
Aug 5, 04 6:43pm
I'm sure you won't mind if I sign, do ya? Cool.

Enjoy hanging in the WW forum!

~ I can die in peace now ~
Sonic Masters Rainbow Jinjo
Apr 13, 04 6:55am
I Custom Made all my Avatars and Banners into this Stamp. Also Customly put your Name in this Stamp. This is my stamp for you.(and Shadow Fan)

Chaos Master Rainbow Jinjo
Mar 30, 04 6:12pm

In your darkest hour, I will be your greatest light.

espio2311 Rainbow Jinjo
Mar 30, 04 6:37am
Espio2311 reporting for duty (your mad scientist) *starts chanting* EOONIAEL EOONIAEL EOONIAEL EOONIAEL EOONIAEL EOONIAEL ect. PLEASE SIGN MINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shonic98 Rainbow Jinjo
Mar 27, 04 2:18pm
I haven't really had a conversation with you but that's okay you seem funny and like the avatar and name!

Lizzo Rainbow Jinjo
Mar 22, 04 3:51pm
I see your a Knuckles fan,I'm one too!
Please sign mine now.
Harvest Moon girl Rainbow Jinjo
Mar 21, 04 4:27am
Hey i saw you in the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle forum and i liked your selfishness EOONIAEL,EOONIAL,EOONIAL Mwahahahahahahah
SonicChao50 Rainbow Jinjo
Feb 22, 04 4:23pm
I can see that your quite the newbie here at Neoseeker, but as long as you don't do anything wrong, your going to like it here.

Thanks for signing my guestbook.

You write pretty good fanfics yourself. If I ever catch one, I'll be there to rate it

You like my avatar do you? Enjoy

You've been stamped by SonicChao50
Satokasu Suki Rainbow Jinjo
Feb 11, 04 2:23pm
Hey Rainbow Jinjo,

What a cool name that is! It just rolls of the tongue. It's so fun to say!

Rainbow Jinjo, Rainbow Jinjo, Rainbow Jinjo, Rainbow Jinjo, Rainbow Jinjo!

It's nice to meet you. You seem really nice!

See you around the forums,

~ Satokasu Suki
bronxboricua14 Rainbow Jinjo
Jul 28, 03 10:03am
Hi I can see you have no guestbook entries so i want to be the first one to sign. I feel SPECIAL! I saw you in the banjo tooty thingy. I don't know you and you don't know me. But can you sign my guestbook? Thanks i got to jet see you around PEACE!!!!!!!!