Hello, I am Rainbow Gal. I joined Neoseeker on March 1st 2007. I first discovered it when I was searching for cheats on Animal Crossing: Wild World. I signed up immediately, just because of the amount of cheats. For a while I just looked at the cheats from time to time, later I began submitting some. Finally in the Summer (June to July) I discovered the forums. Straight away I asked questions about the game, getting answers and gradually managing to get 100 posts. I met some good friends like jj_101 but sadly none of my first neofriends were online very often.

__~*My Friends*~__

__~*My Neofamily*~__

Neohusband: Terrierboy.
Neosisters: CheaterGirl007 and xprincezchrissyx.
Neodad: Swampert_x.
Neomum: SnoopyMaster.
Neosons: Pollyfly, Jearbear and Mr Scared.
Neodaughters: Sugar J, October and Barbydoll.


I love Role-Playing but currently I'm only playing on HM:DS Forum Role-Play. Here's my character...
Name: Chocolate
Age: 15
Birthday: 18th Fall
Occupation: Now not currently working at the Blue Bar, now at the Inner Inn.
Appearance: Chocolate brown eyes and soft, silky, long, slightly wavy brown hair to match. Quite tall for her age and very skinny. Her favourite item of clothing is her Deep blue dress and she LOVES to wear it. She wears earrings sometimes, though she doesn't bother that much with them.

Casual Clothing:
Chocolate (Casual)

Wedding Clothing:
Chocolate (Wedding)

Formal Clothing:
Chocolate (Formal)

Personality: Bubbly, easy to get along with sort of person.
Other: She ran away from home for a reason, though she tells no one. She hates being locked outdoors and loves to go down to the beach- it is, in her opinion the best place in the valley as it calms her feelings and cools her when she's angry. She's not soft like most girls but she's not a Tomboy either. She loves to spend her time with her friends especially if it's a good time but she hates Selfpitying behavior and dishonesty. For a Fifteen year old she has experiencied many hard-ships and that's why she came to the valley- to make a fresh start and seek a new life. She dreams of being famous, whether wolrdwide of just locally. She loves Literature and reading in her spare time when she's not at the beach.

__~*Special Thanks To...*~__

Quierta- For saying complex code were involved and giving links for help/Neohome requests.
xprincezchrissyx- For showing me the right codes and for being a great help with codes.

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