NarutoFreak122 Raikou376
Sep 2, 08 2:55am
here's another stamp for you enjoy it and enjoy yourself
NarutoFreak122 Raikou376
Sep 1, 08 10:26pm
here's a stamp for you have a nice day enjoy yourself as much as you can have fun and do new things
GAlaXiaMidniGht Raikou376
Apr 11, 08 10:46pm
how old r u? i just want to see because i want to see who was born first. If u dont want to say thats no big deal.cuz theres weirdies on these sites. But trust me im not one of 'em
dudeitsyourhead Raikou376
Jul 2, 07 3:11am
signing spree!
sign back please!

have a kickass day!

Stuy Raikou376
Nov 29, 06 7:04pm
Hope this is cool enough for you, =P.

TR Raikou376
Aug 15, 06 5:16pm
My bad attempt at a howl XD;;

*COUGH* Anyways, I really like your stampy, and as a gift, me'sh signing back. Love ya as well, Raikou-oniichan!!

P.S. Sorry if it's hard to read the text ><;; The qutoe says, "The family is one of nature's masterpeices.."

DonCar Raikou376
Aug 5, 06 5:51am

Well basiclly what I want to say is in the banner.Oh yeah I dont really like it because I did it in like 15 minutes.I am new to this stuff.Lol.Ok I think this is 125 characters now.Peace out, see ya around the forums
animalxingwaterworld Raikou376
Jul 21, 06 3:40am
FLOOP!! or maybe... FL00P!! (floop with zeros =D ) so i finally signed your GB.
efc fan Raikou376
Jun 30, 06 9:29am
Hey Raikou376, just signign everybody's guestbook's and came across you.

Sign back

efc fan
candieappo Raikou376
Jun 29, 06 2:48am
heyy.. I have seen you around lately and you seem like pretty cool guy.. ^^ So I present you, my stamp.. Codfish.. >.<''
Omceer 1701 Raikou376
Jun 26, 06 8:09pm
I'm on a signing spree. Sign back or I'll have to cut myself.

Sa_X Raikou376
Jun 17, 06 12:03am
I guess I should sign a GB, so I chose this one! LOL. well, im looking forward to keep on playing against u, and if u expand the clan to another site, Im willing to join, k

u have been stamped by me, SA_X
Isnt that Snake pic of the upcoming SSBB cool?
Plz sign back!
Mario 13 Raikou376
Jun 15, 06 9:59pm
Here is a awesome stamp just for you!!!

PM me anytime!!!
Jem Raikou376
May 15, 06 4:38am
this is a random guestbook signing. it is stupid and pointless, and you are not obliged to sign mine. im being pessimistic arent i?

Benk_92 Raikou376
Apr 28, 06 4:22am
If I'm going to be in your clan, I want to become better friends with you, so I decided to sign your guestbook. Here's to fun times on Neo together!

dropaheart Raikou376
Apr 16, 06 3:42pm
hey bro..
the stamps self-explanitory why im here! ^^

Jem Raikou376
Mar 7, 06 9:17pm
stamping. ho hum.

dang... why do i have to write 125 charecters? i put an image in didnt I?
oh yeah, sign my GB too please
unknownmaster Raikou376
Mar 3, 06 5:37am
Nothin else to do......

a stamp.

another stamp.

sign back plz.

fuzzy dog Raikou376
Mar 2, 06 2:52am
i'm bored, so i'm just going around signing other peoples guestbook because i have nothing else better to do...
P.S. can you sign my GB?
Yorkieboy Raikou376
Feb 19, 06 7:20pm
Hey! I enjoy seeing you in the Animal Crossing universe! You have a realy cool town! especilly since your town is in the fall and there are bugs,fish and more fish to be caught!

See ya around,
Jax06 Raikou376
Dec 23, 05 3:33am
Hey there, I'm just signing to wish you a very Merry Christmas this year!

See ya around the forums!
DragonzRule Raikou376
Oct 30, 05 12:46am
Yo, dude! Stamping my neofriends' guestbooks, wishing 'em a Happy Halloween, and letting them in on shocking news! You have
Rune Zafara Raikou376
Oct 27, 05 12:47am
Hello again Rakiou! I guess it's been a wile since I've signed you guestbook. You see, I'm going around all over neoseeker, and stamping everyone I've ever seen with my special Halloween stamp. But because you are my first neofriend, you get my first signature. Here you go!

Thanks again for being there, and I hope we run into each other some more. Oh, and remember, you're never to old to trick-or-treat.

Happy Halloween, from
CrystalLaser Raikou376
Aug 27, 05 1:51am
Hey man, heres my stamp:

I'm a master at pokemon cities, PM me for one
game_testerWB1 Raikou376
Aug 25, 05 10:42pm
hey, i thought id sign since your new and you luv PKMN like me and ive seen you around the Animal Crossing forums!Heres my special stamp that every1 loves!

youve been stamped by Game_testerWB1!
dnt forget 2 sign bak!