Last 10 Threads started by Raijin1999
Japan taking ideas on how to get it's giant Gundam to walk 1 Nov 14, 2015
Mobile Suit Gunam: Thunderbolt 0 Nov 13, 2015
Defiance TV series has been cancelled after 3 seasons 2 Oct 17, 2015
Sick ability combinations 2 Oct 15, 2015
Balanced build guide 1 Oct 15, 2015
Bryan Cranston wants to play Mr. Sinister - DO IT, MARVEL! MAKE IT HAPPEN! 15 Oct 12, 2015
The CR scaling effect is ridiculous - Killing fun factor 4 Oct 12, 2015
Transpacial Converter w/Bumblebee 9 Oct 12, 2015
Think we could use a new header in here? Any takers? 3 Oct 10, 2015
When do FoB security costs actually kick in? 2 Oct 10, 2015
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PlayStation 4 remote play for PC coming Wednesday, but not from Sony 6 Nov 23, 2015
"Phuc Dat Bich" banned multiple times by Facebook for using a fake name, Bich says it's his real name 20 Nov 22, 2015
PlayStation 4 will be getting PS2 emulation, Star Wars titles first to utilize the tech 28 Nov 22, 2015
Custom made challanges for everyone! ~ 2 Nov 20, 2015
PlayStation 4 will be getting PS2 emulation, Star Wars titles first to utilize the tech 28 Nov 20, 2015
PlayStation 4 will be getting PS2 emulation, Star Wars titles first to utilize the tech 28 Nov 20, 2015
Sequel? 7 Nov 20, 2015
art request? 4 Nov 19, 2015
Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are getting enhanced for PlayStation 4 12 Nov 19, 2015
Super Star Wars is coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita this week, begin your Jedi training 2 Nov 17, 2015
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