Rokman Ragnell
Jul 5, 08 3:50am
Thank You So Much For making Radiant

Eclipse Thank you thank
you thank you So So

Much!!! Thank you

Petdiams Ragnell
Jun 19, 08 8:53am
lol you rule ^^ here a stamp!

Lets be friends ^^
Princess Midna Ragnell
Jun 17, 08 3:23am

my toonie stamp be better and be pwnsauce O:<

no toonie end siggy for joo
Sc0rpius Ragnell
Jun 16, 08 7:15am
Yes, you can say that I'm obsessed with Snake. I love that guy(no homo). But I hate the tights.

Your stamp creeps me out. 0_0
stabbedbyahippie Ragnell
Jun 15, 08 5:51am
I keed, I keed you're no crew hopper.

So infact you can have my super special awsome stamp of pwnage.

Kenshuma Ragnell
Jun 15, 08 1:58am

The most popular of all pictures in FE, but, it'll do ^^ lol.

I definitely await my loss to you in brawl.
Emoliciousnot Ragnell
Jun 13, 08 3:36am
Thanks for joining Unknown Knights!

Sorry this is a little late, but oh well. ^^

Thanks again!