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Feb 26, 15 2:41pm

_I am currently streaming Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Wonder Trading off Breeding Failures and accepting battles from viewers.

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Sep 10, 14 2:26pm

_http://www.twitch.tv/aminnel I'll be streaming Destiny randomly along with other games so come on by sometime._

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Jun 11, 14 10:59am

_don't care if it's hacked or whatever just desperately need one. keep getting ripped off of all my good Pokemon tryi

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Apr 26, 14 11:33pm

_So the founder packs have now been released. Anyone going to pick this up? http://www.archeagegame.com/en/shop/ I just

Oct 17, 11 11:49pm
Green Eggs & Ham
Raddster blogged
Apr 19, 11 1:23pm

“Life’s journey is not to
arrive safely at the grave,
in a well preserved body;
But rather to skid in sideways,
totally worn out, shouting,

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Dec 23, 10 11:36am
Now called ObiNate...

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