So yesterday I spent 5 or so hours wandering a show floor in Broadbeach, Queensland. It was the very first 'EB Games Expo', basically a somewhat smaller scale E3 for Australia (dream come true <3). I got to play a LOT of good new stuff coming out, so here's some opinions on what I got a chance to play.

Please note the platform I list after each game is just what I played it on, and is not nessesarily the only platform the game is available on.

Super Mario 3D Land - Nintendo 3DS
This one I didn't get to play much of, sadly. There was a selection of four stages and I went for the one in the trailer where you step on the exclamation marks and platforms fold up and stuff. The 3D works very nicely on this, and the overall game was rather fun. I got past a checkpoint and then died tho. Then I passed it to Kluck who literally died straight away after messing up a jump.

I originally wasn't too interested in this, but it's on my radar now~

Mario Kart 7 - Nintendo 3DS
Well, not too much to say. Mario Kart doesn't really change it up too often, so i'll just talk about the new stuff.

First bit is customisation. When you pick your character, you move to a screen to choose a cart, wheels, and glider. These all effect the two new race portions in the air and underwater. I had some trouble with gliding at first, but I quickly got used to how the controls change in the air and it actually got me in 1st a few times. I wasn't good at all in Underwater segments though, and went out of my way to avoid them >_>

Like you'd expect, the 3D effect is done very well and you can really see the distance of your opponents.

Kid Icarus: Uprising - Nintendo 3DS
Man this was fun. I played the level seen in the original annoucement. When you start you pick one of seven different attack types to play with, I went with 'Palm'.

First you start off in a Rail Shooter, you fly around and you shoot enemies that appear. The controls, that I originally thought looked very odd, actually play very well and I had no trouble getting used to them.

The real fun was on the ground though. This is where your choice of attack type comes into play. I had to run through the city and take out the big enemies that were flying around. Using the circle pad right lets you do a dodge to the left or right (I think it was like, a flick or something. I got caught up in the action and didn't really pay attention to how I was doing stuff). When I got to the stadium, I got to fight this big Cerberus looking enemy. The battle was done rather quickly, since I'd adapted to the controls pretty well by this point.

I also got to play with the AR cards for this. I had some guy with a big sword verse the Antagonist, Medusa or whatever. Medusa won.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Nintendo Wii
The demo offered three choices; Flying, Dungeon or Boss Battle. By the time I got my turn I'd seen the fight with Ghirahim so many times I could do it with my eyes closed, so I went for Dungeon.

Rather than actually progressing through the dungeon, it was more of a big open room full of enemies and you could experiment with the controls and stuff (which was my plan anyway). The actual controls took a while to get used too, and its the first Wii game in a long time that i'm actually going to have to clear some space in my room to play. I'm sure you all know about this though, so there's really not much for me to say.

Speaking of the controls, the guy who went before me obviously had not been following the game at all, and thought he could play it like Twilight Princess. He died. Quickly.

Kluck went after me and played the Flying Segment. Its the part where you have to follow the bird and catch the statue. Basing from watching him and a few other people, its harder than it looks. The best stratergy was to get up high (move the Wiimote up and down and your bird would flap its wings and ascend) and then sort of dive-bomb at yoru target, which would give you great speed. So thats the new thing I learnt; Height is a big deal.

Professor Layton and the Lost Spectre - Nintendo DS
I only played this because it happened to be next to the Xenoblade demo stand. I can safely say its definently a true Layton game. There are 155 puzzles in the game (I know this because when we got there, they were all unlocked and completed). So we played through 2 of them. The first was the basic intro puzzle. Easy. It was a letter to Layton, and you had to find the secret message. Reading the first letter of each sentence was 'HELPSOS'. Kluck somehow stuffed this up when I got him to play it ("If you can't beat this, don't bother getting into the franchise" I said) so he played it when I had a go at Xenoblade. I came back to him with his answer 'SOSPLEH', which just made me go into pure wtf mode.

After correcting his idiocy, we both had a crack at Puzzle 2, which, sad to admit, we took a while to complete. It was four pictures, each of a person at the same location. The puzzle was that 3 of these people were travelling together and took the pictures of each other, while another was taken on a different day. You had to find the three.

Rayman Origins - XBOX360
I played Rayman 3 years ago, and got around to playing Rayman 2 on 3DS this year. Though when the Rabbids took the stage and somehow actually was successful, I was sure the franchise was dead.

I was wrong.

Rayman Origins is a 2D 4-player Co-op bundle of absolute fun and laughter. I played as Rayman himself when I played with Kluck and Boothguy. It is, honestly, pure Rayman. You can punch your friends into the water full of deadly animals =D. The general idea was to get to the end of the stage, picking up all the bonuses and lums along the way. Its a basic, run-of-the-mill multiplayer platformer, but its done in a way thats just truely enjoyable.

Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One - Playstation 3
We only played this while waiting for the line on Tekken to dissapear. I was Clank and Kluck was that.. Captian Quark or however its spelt. It doesn't feel too different from the last one I played, Ratchet and Clank 2, all those years ago, but the Co-op adds a lot to the fun of it.

My main highlight of the time we played was when we got to this drop that we couldn't jump over. Kluck picked me up with the Gravity Gun and shot me over.

We got to the end of the level and naturally, out of the four of us, I won.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Playstation 3
We basically got to play the 'Prologue' version. There was Xiayou, Alisa, Devil Jin and Devil Kazuya as the playable cast.

Not being a fan of the Devils, I went with the Schoolgirl and the Cyborg.

The guy I ended up battling was clearly cheating, since I lost in record time. He used both Devils, so that probably helped.

Kluck had better luck, I believe.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - XBOX 360
Okay so, the very first thing I noticed was bad. In the XIII-2 booth there were three demo units. One on 360, the others on PS3. Two people finished around the same time, so I got on the 360 while another guy got on a PS3, and we both started at the same time.

The 360 version took nearly 4 times as long to load as the PS3 version did. As a PS3'er this doesn't really affect me, but I feel bad for my bros on the other spectrum and really hope they fix this issue up.

On to the game though. Its the same demo from E3. This immediately put me into the mindset of experimentation, so I set out to just do whatever. After beating the first Atlas battle, I went around and talked to a lot of the NPCs in the area, before moving up into the actual areas of combat and stuff. I immediately came across an area that was behind a wall, and looking over it from a height I saw a Treasure Sphere. However, annoyingly, I couldn't manage to get over there. So I moved on.

The 'Mog Clock' with the random encounters is very nice, I admit. It has the real feeling that a Random Encounter should have, yet keeps with XIII's aspect and lets you avoid them if you want. I went into a lot of battles, and quickly collected a respectable team of monsters. This was something I wasn't too sure on, but playing it myself I really got a feel for how each Monster works with each Paradigm. I assume in the full version there will be more customization to Paradigm's and active Monsters.

Being XIII-2, I was given a nice, big area to run around and have fun in, which was a very welcome change from XIII. However, the unexpected happened. I got lost. Multiple times. I did a few loops at one point trying to figure out what path I hadn't walked down yet (I had decided to avoid using the map). After a while I got to the point where you're made aware of the machine in the ruins. Remembering previous demo footage, I took the unused option at the Live Trigger; 'What does Mog think?', which gave me the extremely helpful and plot advancing answer of "I like Serah more than I like Noel". Deciding I might as well, I went for the machine. The Dimensional Rift thingy was an interesting puzzle, and theres a lot of potential in that. Then I fought Atlas and kicked his ass.

I was kinda dissapointed when it ended there, as I was hoping the segment with Lightning and Odin battling Chaos Bahamut would be included. But oh well.

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Details on what this is here:


Week 1: Day 1
[a NOISE unlike sound]

"The rogue Noise was first seen at Udagawa Back Streets, by a Red on Wall Duty that was there to guard the Patchy R & R that Players were meant to defeat for that days mission. The noise in question, a Melodi Corehog, apparently appeared there without prior summoning by a Reaper, smashed through the wall set up, and rampaged down the streets before being erased by Officer Kakeru Takeshi, after being attacked by the Noise himself. Casualties included a pair of players and one Support Reaper."

The Conducter, Zio Lee, had called all the bigshot Reapers to a meeting in the exclusive Dead God's Pad. This was Shiro's first time in the room, and hopefully not his last. He wasn't even meant to be down here, being the newbie he is, but Ike insisted he be let in.

Shiro Shinda was a Reaper who was new to the trade and had joined them only 2 weeks earlier. His time as a Player was short, after only four days his partner was erased, and an option to join the Reapers was the only thing he had left. He didn't mind though. Shiro found the other side of the game fascinating. He knew his sister missed him, but he decided she would be fine and opted out of the battle for a second chance.

"Yes Conducter, that is correct" said Kakeru Takeshi, sitting just across from Zio. "The Red mentioned noted that the Noise gave off a slightly different vibe than usual, and its what led him to believe the Noise was a rogue. However he did note that it was definently not a case of Taboo Noise. It was unsummoned, yet somehow got into the UG."

"Better here than the RealGround" said the girl sitting next to Shiro. "At least we can deal with it". Alice Lithunia was an averaged sized 19 year old girl, with blond hair adorned with a little red bow. Her necklace stood out, a christian cross. The story of why a Christian joined the Reapers was a popular one, yet the true reason behind it was still unknown. She had been recently promoted to Officer herself, and used to be one of the toughest Harriers across all 4 of Japan's Reapers Game's.

"Well.. anyway. I was hoping to have this matter wrapped up before this weeks game started,, but we're running out of time, its already 9:30. The new players for the week will be here in half an hour. Meeting dismissed"

And with that line from Zio, the 10 reapers in the room headed towards the door, except-

"Ike, Shiro, Alice. Come here"

"Oh boy, this is gonna be about the thing with the SUV we had that bird do last Friday" muttered Ike. Ike Futomara seemed to be the average Reaper, and didn't stand out too much amongst the team. However he was known as a fierce and cruel fighter when he needed to be. Stories said he once killed every Player in a round of the Reapers Game in order to get some powerful pin. However Shiro had learnt that Ike was a laidback and lazy guy, and when he didn't want to do something, he didn't. Probably the reason why he's still only a Harrier after being a Reaper for almost 2 years, but Officer duties didn't seem to fit him anyway.

"Conductor sir, I know we're not allowed to erase Players before Day 7 but technically the bird did i-"
"Thats not what I want to talk to you about" interrupted Zio.
"Oh, cool then. Whats up"
Zio cleared his throat. Shiro always though him to be a demanding power hungry sort of guy, but when it came down to it he always got shit sorted out when there was a problem. Ike hated his guts from the moment he took the Conducter position.
"I want the three of you to look further into this matter"
Shiro was slightly surprised. "Why us, Conducter sir?"
"This will be good training for you, Shiro. Plus it will keep Ike busy"
"And me, sir?" said Alice. Shiro could tell she didn't seem to have a clue what was going on.
"This will be your first overseeing as an Officer. Keep notes in your head and have a report ready to give when you've figured it out."
"Yes, Conductor sir"
"I want the three of you to head to Cadoi City and talk to the Red who was at Udagawa when it happened. He's to tell you every detail he knows. Figure out where this rogue Noise came from."

"Maaaan, why do we have to do this crap?"
"Oh get over it Ike, you would of just spent the day making the new Players make a fool of themselves anyway"
"Aw c'mon Alice, its fun, really. Don'tcha remember back when you were a Harrier and you got to screw with Players too?"
"That was.. I grew up, okay? Sure it might of been a little fun at the time but you have to get over it and do your job."
The trio were heading across the Scramble Crossing, the center of Shibuya. Overheads loomed the 'Shibuya 104', a large tower filled with nothing but shops. Shibuya was one of the fasion capitals of Japan, and its placement in the large Tokyo cemented its status as a must-see location. However under all the talk and fun, Shibuya was also one of Japan's 4 locations for the legendary 'Reaper's Game'.

The Reapers Game was a second chance at life. People who die in the real world, known as the 'RealGround' or RG, came to this world, the 'UnderGround' or UG. There they had to survive an entire week, fulfilling one mission a day while fighting monsters known as 'Noise'. If you survived the week, you got to return to the RG and continue your life. If you were killed here, or 'Erased' as its called, you were officially dead. No replays, no restarts.

"Yo, Red Hood." called Ike. Shiro looked up to see they had arrived at Cadoi.
"You guys need something? Let me guess, its about the Noise from Day 6 last week". The Red Hooded Reaper gave nothing away about his own personality, just like the various others around Shibuya. He'd be one of them too, if it wasn't for Ike taking an interest in him during the time he played the game. However Shiro could notice strands of orange hair peeking out of under the hood. Guess it gave him a little bit of himself.

Alice was the one to respond. "Pretty much, yeah. We're wondering if you can tell or show us everything you know about it."
"Alright then, follow me" said the Orange haired Red. He lifted his hood a little so the three could see his face, letting them know which one they needed to be with. "The names Kariya. Koki Kariya."

"Udagawa huh, why here of all places" Shiro wondered out loud. Kariya had brought them back to the original location of the event.
"Well, Udagawa is a dead end in the UG, right?" said Ike. "That means it must have entered Shibuya here, otherwise Kariya would of seen it come past earlier."
"Huh.. impressive, Ike. Didn't know you could use your brain like that" remarked Alice. She was examining the Graffiti that covered the wall. A mural by 'CAT', a street artist that hanged around Shibuya. He had a few murals around the district, but this was by far his most famous.
"Well excuuuse me, Officer, maybe next time I'll just sit back and enjoy some Ramen."
"Still" Shiro started "Why would it turn up here? Theres gotta be some reason a Noise can somehow enter the UG of its own accord. The location has to have something to do with it."

Alice seemed to ponder for a moment, before saying "Have you guys ever heard the story of the Realm Anchor?"
"I haven't, no" replied Shiro
"Well.. Ike can tell you about it while I finish up looking at this"
"No can do mam, I haven't got a clue what you're talking about" replied a voice from the roof of the nearby Cyco Records.
Alice sighed, then began. "Well, i'll tell you then. Listen up Ike, you need to know this! ("Whatever sis"). Well, you know that the various grounds overlap each other, right? The RG on the bottom, then the UG, then the Higher Plane. Well, the item that holds these simultaneous existances together here is called the Realm Anchor. Its apparently a statue in the very bottom Ground that holds each realm in place, so they can't seperate or drift."
The story was interesting, but Shiro noticed a problem with it. "Wait, if the statue is in the bottom Ground, they wouldn't it be here?" he asked.
"Well.. no. They say there is one more realm, that exists below the UG. It is the 'NoiseGround', the original home of the Noise."

Ike, hopping down from his perch, said "Now THIS one I know man. Though its all myth, don't believe it at all. I don't really believe any of these old Reaper stories"
"Says the legendary guy who slaughtered over 80 players to get a Pin" said Alice.
"...Thats personal. Its not just 'some pin'."
Shiro was intrigued by the new revelation. "You mean.. that story is true?"
Ike seemed to think about something for a second, and then pulled out a small pin and handed it to Shiro. The pin had the pattern of the Noise Fox on it, though unlike the summoning pin, the fox was colored, and the background was black.
"My partner.. from the game I was in. She was.. killed by a Noise, an ambush set up by some Reaper, and tied her soul to that. He taunted me saying that he'd give me the pin if I erased every other played in the game. So.. I did it. Killed him too for good measure. I joined the Reapers so I could use it but.."
" can't get it to work huh?" finished Shiro.
"I can summon any other Noise fine but, this one, I dunno, it just won't work for me."
The group stood in silence for a while.

"Well.." Alice started, "I'll tell you more about the NoiseGround a bit later, yeah? Right now I could go for some food. Mexican Dog sound good to you guys?"
Ike pretended to choke. "Really girl, how do you like that stuff? Ramen mannn, Ramen."
"I'm fine with that.. as long as Ike pays for it" Shiro replied.
Alice smiled and nodded in agreement. "What an excellent idea Shiro, I think I could go for some free Ramen as well."
"W-Wha.. you.. oh whatever then, let's go"

The three of them sat atop 104, eating their ramen and looking out over the Scramble. The few remaining players were just finishing up, disappearing into a blue light to await the next day.
"It feels like such a long time ago when I was the helpless girl running to 104."
"It kinda was, Alice. Its been about 4 years now, right?"
Shiro's memories were much more vivid of his battle for survival, but he decided to listen to Alice's and Ike's old tales of their battles and hardships before jumping ship to this side of the game.

"I'm gonna head off and write up some reports on what we covered today then. Ciao"
And with that, Alice span on the spot and disappeared.
"I need to get myself one of those teleport pins.."
"Ike, I doubt anyone would give you one considering how much more of a mess you can make if you can warp at will"
"Hah, yeah probably"
The two sat in silence for a while, staring at the parts of the large Tokyo beyond Shibuya.
"Well we made minimal progress today, didn't we?" asked Ike
"Yeah, I guess so" answered Shiro.
Ike finished his Ramen and stood up. "We're gonna solve this thing!"
"Wait, since when do you care?"
"I'm gonna show up that Zio prick and prove that I can get shit done. The guy thinks all I do is muck around"
"But that IS all you do"
"He doesn't need to know that"

Realm Anchor.
Rogue Noise.
CATs Mural.


The Back Streets of Udagawa were as silent as ever, a dead end location that was rarely visited by Human or Player. Except tonight, there was one man, looking over the large mural that decorated the wall. This was the man's first visit to Shibuya, but he wasn't here for sightseeing or shopping.

The man had only one goal in mind.

"I'll get you for what you did to my grandfather all those years ago..."

"..Yoshiya Kiryu."

-a NOISE unlike sound-
::Day End::

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I was here when it started ya'know.

Probably my first big 'launch' I got to see on Neo, it was rather exciting and I couldn't wait to try it out.

That was Febuary 2009.

Now, April 2011. I can't remember the last time I saw an active blog. Sure, there are ones still going, but then no-one comments on them.

I guess the excitement died down. It would be nice to see this part of Neoseeker spring back into life.

Maybe i'll start blogging again. Might give me something to do when I want to get away from the world.

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Just a speculah for a possible Dissidia 3. Help out if you want.

I - Warrior of Light
- Garland
II - Firion
- The Emporer
- Gordon
III - Onion Knight
- Cloud of Darkness
- Refia
IV - Cecil Harvey
- Golbez
- Kain Highwind
V - Bartz Klauser
- Exdeath
- Gilgamesh
VI - Terra Branford
- Kefka Palazzo
- Celes Chere
VII - Cloud Strife
- Sephiroth
- Tifa Lockhart
VIII - Squall Leonhart
- Ultimecia
- Laguna Loire
IX - Zidane Tribal
- Kuja
- Eiko Carol
X - Tidus
- Jecht
- Yuna
XI - Shantotto
- Prishe
XII - Vaan
- Gabranth
- Ashe
XIII - Lightning
- Jihl Nabaat
XIV - Thancred
- Y'shtola
DQ - Jessica
- Corvus
KH - Sora
- Master Xehanort
CT - Chrono
- Nadia
TWEWY - Neku Sakuraba
- Sho Minamimoto
Tactics - Luso Clemens
CC - Layle
V13 - Noctis Lucis Caelum
T-0 - Ace

  • Warrior of Light
  • Firion
  • Gordon
  • Onion Knight
  • Refia
  • Cecil Harvey
  • Kain Highwind
  • Bartz Klauser
  • Terra Branford
  • Celes Chere
  • Cloud Strife
  • Tifa Lockhart
  • Squall Leonhart
  • Laguna Loire
  • Zidane Tribal
  • Eiko Carol
  • Tidus
  • Yuna
  • Shantotto
  • Vaan
  • Ashe
  • Lightning
  • Thancred
  • Jessica
  • Sora
  • Chrono
  • Nadia
  • Neku Sakuraba
  • Luso Clemens
  • Layle
  • Ace
  • Garland
  • The Emperor
  • Cloud of Darkness
  • Golbez
  • Exdeath
  • Gilgamesh
  • Kefka Palazzo
  • Sephiroth
  • Ultimecia
  • Kuja
  • Jecht
  • Prishe
  • Gabranth
  • Jihl Nabaat
  • Y'stola
  • Corvus
  • Master Xehanort
  • Sho Minamimoto
  • Noctis Lucis Caelum
DFF - Order's Sanctuary
- Edge of Madness
I - Old Chaos Shrine
II - Pandaemonium
- Hell's Throne
III - World of Darkness
- Crystal Tower
IV - Lunar Subterrane
V - The Rift
VI - Kefka's Tower
- Phantom Train
VII - Planet's Core
- Sector 5 Church
VIII - Ultimecia's Castle
IX - Crystal World
- Prima Vista
X - Dream's End
XI - Empyreal Paradox
XII - Sky Fortress Bahamut
XIII - Orphan's Cradle
DQ -
KH - Memory's Skyscraper
CT -
TWEWY - Room of Reckoning
Tactics -
CC -
V13 -
T-0 -

  • (KH) Xemnas swapped with Master Xehanort
  • (DQ) Carver swapped with Corvus
  • Added Tactics - Luso Clemens
  • Added CC - Layle
  • Added Character Alignments

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So, occasionally in Loungin', probably every 6 months or so, we have a thread about Lucid Dreaming.

Yesterday was that day, and me, still excited over the idea of how it works, decided 'Im doing it this time'

Now the first process of this is called Dream Recall.
Basically, you remember what happened in your dreams, and you write it down.
Me being me, said "Bah, this won't work, I never remember them"

The tip to make this work was simply: Repeat "I will wake up after every dream" until you fall asleep. So I did. And I had a dream. And I woke up.
Next I was meant to sit there for a few minutes, trying to recall as much as I can about what happened, which was cool because I remembered everything.

With that, came my first Dream Journal entry.

'15th July - 5:25am'
"Seemed to be at my dad's work. Him and my brother were there. We were just talking about stuff.
I walked out of the room, a big door opened by itself, and looked around.
I was in a Team Fortress 2 map. Not an official one, it was like some dark factory, but it was definently TF2. I was the Sniper, like I usually am.

Engie had some new machine which turned you into a Pokemon, though I never got to try it, I heard someone talking about it. Probably Engie, judging by the voice.

Didnt see anyone while I was there, it was very quiet except for the occasionally Wrench-To-Building from wherever Engie was"

Yeah, I found this rather amusing when I went over it.
Wonder how often I dream of TF2 =)

So yeah, I'll keep writing down dreams until I'm finally able to Lucid Dream! Wish me Luck!

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I feel like i want to Blog about something, but i dont know what to write about.

So im asking you guys what you want to read.
Post comments and stuff, ill consider them.


No Awesome Sprite Picture for this one =(

Anyway, the Comic business has picked up again back at the TWEWY Sprite Thread.

A while ago, i posted about the SEAAOM series by Kanon. Well, he is now working on a sequal. SEAAOM: After Story is currently 2 issues in.

I've started work again on my Comic, Quest for the Golden Hero. It is now in its 2nd Series, Angelus Arc. It leaves the adventures of Markus on hold and focuses on a new character, Lisa and her friend Seth.

Noisemon is back in development. ....Yea, thats about it.

And Gatito lives on!

Visit us at the TWEWY Forum!

pokemon sprite ds graphic design other

Well, we have had lots of fun over the past 3 and a bit months at the TWEWY Forum. SEAAOM is a big reason.

Shooter's Epic Awesome Adventure Of Manliness (or SEAAOM) is a Sprite Comic created by Kanon. Over the last four months we have been following Shooter on his quest to defeat his Rival Yammer, who has become EVIL.

Anyway, SEAAOM finished today, so this is going to look back at the series.

The 30 issues. ALL HERE

Then, i got to interview Kanon

Very fun.

"Welcome to our exclusive interview with Mr. Kanub Awsumness"
"Thank you, thank you"
"So... your known for the great Shooters Epic Awesome Adventure Of Manliness.How has working on the SEAAOM project been?"
"*bleep*ing aweful.Viper pretty much wrote the whole thing anyway"
"Ah i see.What inspired you to make SEAAOM"
"Tin-pin sequel idea in the GD"
"Oh yes.The Evil Yammer thing and all"
"Quite quite. The Evil Yammer THAT ISNT DEAD YET"
"but in a shock twist, it turns out Joshua was behind it all"
"Yep. Even though that was obv from like.....part 4"
"Well... yea. Shyo turned out to be a very important character. How was introducing a completely new character?"
"Dunno, ask Viper. All he did was make Bob. He's not going to fight or anything"
"Now... What was the point of killing Sho?"
"I said, so I can steal an anime quote in the finale. I need a dead older figure to do it"
"Ah, So, What is Blue's relevance to the story?"
"To be the Tsukkomi to Shooter's Boke"
"which means..."
"So Shooter and Blue will turn out to be a comedy duo?"
"No, Shooter's a *bleep*, we need SOMEONE to point out his retardedness because laughing at metally challanged people is fun : D . I laugh at my mirror all the time"
"Ohkay. That makes sense. Now about Ike (Kanon) and Kariya"
"Its not *bleep*ing Ike man, he was in the cross over and that alone. HE DON EXITS IN THE CANON OF SEAAOM"
"well Kanon then"
"What about them"
"Do they have any purpose or to just keep us entertained"
"Nothing has a purpose. Its *bleep*ing SEAAOM"
"Ohkay. Now, There are rumours of an upcoming comic after SEAAOM is completed. Will it be a kind of spin-off?"
"Sequel. Or so I hear."
"So a sequel. Will it follow Shooter or Blue"
"Ah. Can we get some details or is it all hush-hush"
"The tagline is 'Prepare for more random bullshit, this time, with more explosions.And shit like that'. I totally did not just make that up : D "
"Sounds amazing. Can i ask who the main character is. Or is that all for now"
"The main character...... Is in SEAAOM. All I'll say"
"Ohkay then. Last question"
"*bleep*ing better be"
"You recently announced Batlion does indeed have an evolution. Any clues to that?"
"i expected that"
"*bleep* off did ya"
"Well, thanks for your time"
"You *bleep*ing *bleep* faced *bleep* up. Oh, my pleasure good sir. Now *bleep* off"
"Any final comments?"
"Well, we cant wait for the next SEAAOM. C ya around Kanon"

And then... the finale

Well, it was very fun.

Kanon has announced his next comic, 'TWEWY: Batlion of Power'
Keep an eye out for that.

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Continuing From Here, Read This If You Havent Yet

Well, 'Twas around November when i played my first mainstream Final Fantasy title, Final Fantasy IV on the Nintendo DS.
Well, i enjoyed it mostly. The many characters, the story, it was a favourite for a while. Until, i got hit with the Moon Glitch. My ship dissapeared, i was stranded. I eventually forgot about it, i traded it in with other titles to get a game called Time Hollow. IT IS AMAZING. I enjoyed it as much as TWEWY, which for me, is saying something.

Time Hollow is a game where you play as Ethan Kairos, who goes to bed after a discussion with his parents one day, when he wakes up, he's in a world where his parents have been missing for 12 years. You obtain what is called the 'Hollow Pen', where you can open windows into the past to alter history. He decides to use this to get his parents back, but of course, theres more going on. A girl called Kori Twelves is suddenly in his world, and Irving Onegin, the antagonist, is another Pen User. I wont say anymore, it would spoil, and i want you to get the game.

Well, my intrest spead out, i learnt about heaps of new stuff here, made alot of good friends, my best are SADES001, Squirrel Lord, and Kanon.
I cant think of anything else to say, i guess you could read my Intrests in my Profile if u really wanted.

So, thanks for reading.

P.S. @Squirrel Lord: Oh, look at the sprite of Rab in the main pic. Notice anything? shows im still working on stuff :>

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Alright, so on the Final Fantasy XIII Forum (PS3), a thread came up asking the question: Who Would Win in a fight - Lightning or Noctis?(link)

For those who dont know, Lightning is the main character of Final Fantasy XIII, while Noctis is the main character of the spin-off, Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Well, i gave my opinion, i think i did pretty well, considering this is the first time ive done anything like this. Well, here it is.

My Comparison:

Well, i guess since Lightning uses a gunblade, and we have seen Noctis blocking thousands of bullets at once, theres a point for Noctis here.

Well, Gravity vs Teleport. I guess teleporting wouldnt help if you couldnt move. So, ill give this point to Lightning.

This one im having trouble on. Its hard to compare for me unless i can actually see both going at the same time, and my computer is too slow for loading 2 vids at once. After watching them again, comparing bits, i will have to give this last point to, Noctis. Using the other 2 catagories along with his basic combat at the same time, i cant see a fault in stratergy, where as the bits ive seen of Lightning (which, fairly, isnt as much as Noctis, ive only recently developed an intrest in the main FFXIII) i can see ways to get beind her, getting a clear shot or strike against her.

Lightning: 1
Noctis: 2

Noctis, our dark prince, is the Victor!

So, er, leave comments and opinions. Head over to the thread to give your own opinion on the topic.

Thanx for reading!

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Well, er, Hiya, im Rabla.
This isnt the first time i have blogged, i did a couple on bebo once, before i got annoyed at it and deleted my account.

Not sure what i should write about, maybe a bit of my NeoHistory.

Well, i joined back in.. July last year, shortly after I got 'The World Ends With You' for Nintendo DS. I joined Neoseeker for the sole reason of participating in a RolePlay at the TWEWY Forums, which was sucessful, we got to Week 3, our main player SADES001 disappeared, came back for one single post, then left again. Squirrel Lord and I joined another RP that Sades was running, we were advertising the TWEWY RP in our sigs, well it worked, he came back, we are still going good.

I found more games i liked across various platforms, beginning my interest in Final Fantasy when i played FFXII: Revenant Wings and FFCC: Ring of Fates. Crystal Chronicles is still one of my favourite series to date.

I would write more, but ive got to head to school, ill probs forget to finish this.