TWEWY Pins added to the official SE store after six years. TWEWY's music composer tells us to stay tuned for a 'surprise' it happening?

Coolio. Might pick up the Vita version maybe.

Man bluexy do you only have one Minecraft image or...
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Oh man I love Amano's stuff. I have this huge expensive box of artwork called The Sky that covers... read more

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I'd play the shit out of FFXIV's Favour System...

And haha the Thief thing is cool, I didn't know... read more

likes Mastix's status update: "Final Episode of Kill la Kill finished! TENGEN TOPPA GAMAGOORI IRA!!!!!!!!!"

I must be the only person here who doesn't see this as a major problem.

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quote Aurora
I really want battleground PvP.
They have something called "Frontlines" in the works,... read more

likes Mastix's status update: "Turning 24 tomorrow. Kinda feels like 23 went quick."
Man I made a terrible mistake commenting on a FFVII article, I'm never gonna stop getting notifications from this.
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Even though it was only like eight people, most of them Guests, I feel proud that Neo had the most active TWEWY Live Remix forum on the net