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Missed the FFXIV 2.5 and 3.0 news? The Upcoming Updates thread is once again up-to-date!

I've heard a LOT about this project in the last few days and I think it's really gonna impress.
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FFXIV 2.45 Patch Notes:

Seems pretty interesting. Will have to try it out, both streaming and watching, at some point. read more

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FFXIV Patch 2.45 launchs on December 9! Expect some new stuff in Upcoming Updates later tonight!

quote AkaiEdge
Their names should be:
PlayStation 5
PlayStation Vectare
Wii Z
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quote FoneBoneFan15
I hope this game is also for the Wii U and NIntendo 3DS.
Not gonna happen. read more

So excited to play this for a... third? fourth? time, in lovely HD. Gameplay segments look so... read more

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FFXIV HEAVENSWARD Announcements Part 2: Primals, Flying Mounts, and a New Job!
The FFXIV Upcoming Updates thread is up-to-date! Check out 2.4, 2.5, and of course, 3.0!
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The FFXIV Upcoming Updates thread will be updated a bit later today with both days of FanFest announcements. Please look forward to it.
HEAVENSWARD: FFXIV coming next Spring! Expansion hype!