The FFXIV Upcoming Updates thread is again up-to-date with all the new details of Patch 2.4: Dreams of Ice!
Persona 4 Dancing All Night's new trailer features Kanji, Yosuke and Chie! Pushed to 2015 though.
Fabula Nova Crystallis's 'Lightning Saga' is coming to Steam! XIII comes out October 9, XIII-2 and LR will follow. =D
Might write up a P4U2 Digital Download and DLC guide for any JP players later
FFXIV Anniversary Celebrations! =D Lots of events on, lots to do and see. Come hang out and chat~ ===== _Event Schedule_ ===== _Seasonal Events:_ Moonf _--== Persona 4 The Golden Animation ==--_ _Note: This series assu

Margaret is joining Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Technically unconfirmed. But, damn. The P4U2 boxart, pretty well known

Continuing the MYSTERIOUS push for TWEWY merchandise this year, Square Enix’s famous ARTNIA cafe and merchandise store Persona 4 Golden's Aeon S.Link addition, Marie, is jo

The World Ends with You is finally on Android!

All three days of E3 announcements for FFXIV are in the Upcoming Updates thread! FFXIV

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