wigthers 2000 RabidChinaGirl
Nov 11, 10 6:18am
Hello RabidChinaGirl. I am Wigthers 2000. I figure that I would be a nice guy and sign your guestbook

By the way, I am a gamer as well. So, if you like to talk video games with me. Please, feel free to do so. I am almost always open
Dark Dom RabidChinaGirl
Jan 25, 10 9:56am
I don't sign guestbooks very often, but hey.. why not~ Nice to meet you! Thanks for giving advice and stuff on news posting, it really helps. See you around! ^^
Taz124 RabidChinaGirl
Aug 1, 09 6:30pm
I have made a new neohome!!! I'm sooo exited go check it out and tell me what ya think about it!

Have a good one RabidChinaGirl!!

**Waves bye**
ParanahJoe RabidChinaGirl
Jan 1, 09 12:47am
So I just did my semi annual guestbook view on my account and you left a little something on mine way back in august hahah! So I guess you can consider this as a reply and a thanks for signing mine. Keep up with those Sunday specials/blogs, I look forward to reading them each week even though I never remember about them until the day of or don't always make a comment on them.

Signed, P.J.
Harvest Moon girl RabidChinaGirl
Dec 26, 08 2:21am

I don't know how often you check these or if you do at all, but I just wanted to stop by and wish you a merry Christmas. If you're Christian, that is. If you happen to be Jewish, Muslim, an Atheist, practice a different faith, or are simply a grinch, well, I hope you have happy holidays or, if you'd prefer, I hope you have a satisfactory, non-denominational capitalist wintertime gift-giving season!

Now, you probably haven't seen me around since I'm more of a lurker, but I just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas since I enjoy your blog posts so much. I hope yours was filled with good cheer and that you'll have a great new year.

Best wishes for 2009!

The Don RabidChinaGirl
Nov 23, 07 5:19am
Hiya! Welcome to Neo and I hope you have an excellent stay here! I, myself haven't been here very long but I always like to see members joining everyday!