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RabidChinaGirl blogged
Feb 16, 09 2:20am

Today is Sunday, and you all know what that means! Yes, it's the day when I post a blog-like editorial on Neoseeker's front page and wait eagerly for the usual suspect of flamers. The kind of people who flame, not like... flamboyantly homosexual.

This week, I froth at the mouth a little more than usual, addressing some of the elements behind MMOs that make them so gosh darn addictive. As always, the unspoken disclaimer only applies to humorless pricks who think the Internet is SERIOUS BIZNESS! Click it and read it:

Otherwise, enjoy the evening read. Today's Musing really hits me close to home, as I've fallen into the trap of MMO addiction before, during my first year of college. After I got out, I dabbled in various online games until Guild Wars swept me off my feet. Years later, gave World of Warcraft a try. Quit shortly after the recent expansion came out because the new grind was just too much. I was suddenly reminded of how terribly depressing these MMOs can get as they consume your life and you (and your friends) have to schedule outings around raids, which can last up to hours without a break. And people have the audacity to get mad if you want to piss or get a bite to eat.

I think I have met some of the lowest of the low in WoW, as far as MMO addicts go. And I find those individuals quite impressive in a sad sort of way. I've met some really cool people too, a few of which encourage me to go back... and I would, if there weren't a monthly fee. I hate feeling obligated to play games. That ruins the whole point of video games...

To be honest, I would still play WoW if there weren't for the monthly fee. But I don't really like the game enough to fork over the $30 for two months, let alone give Blizzard my credit card number. It's not a shitty game, but it's definitely not worth what they charge.

Side note, could be PMSing this week. Might be somewhat confrontational... more than usual. Bear with me.

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Massively multiplayer online games are rather unique as far as video games go.  Self-proclaimed gamers don't... posted Feb 15, 09 9:38pm

RabidChinaGirl blogged
Feb 14, 09 3:11am

GameGrep is a good place, overall. Users can post video game related stuff, whether it's news or just a NSFW YouTube vid... but damn, it really shows what kind of shit other sites will write sometimes.

I'm sure glad the gaming community still has this outdated view of girls. I mean, even with all the statistics pointing to a growing female demographic, gamers still think we're mostly *bleep* so lacking in coordination that our gaming interests are restricted to the Wii or some music game. Okay, so music and dance games require a lot of coordination, but come on, we like a good shooter as much as anyone.

So out of frustration, I came up with an idea to write a list of games to play with your lover on Valentine's Day. It's on the front page right now, if anyone wants to take a look:

Holiday Special ♥ A Gamer's Valentine's Day

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